Club Documents

ELJFC Social Media Policy

This policy has been developed to inform our community about using social media so people feel enabled to participate, while being mindful of their responsibilities and obligations.

ELJFC Club Song

Printable version of ELJFC Club Song

ELJFC - Current Constitution

All you need to know about ELJFC (the legal jargon stuff)

NTJFA - Code of Conduct Players

Want to know how you are expected to play fairly and with good team spirit. Be good and read this

NTJFA - Code of Conduct Coaches

Coaches Code of Conduct - Be good and read this, you'll be quizzed.

NTJFA - Code of Conduct Parents, Officials & Other

Righto... We want you to enjoy watching the kids play.. Be good and read this - pass it on to other folks who are going to attend.

NTJFA - Code of Conduct Electronic Media

All you guys who love your facebook and twitter - Be good and read this

NTJFA - Team Manager By-Laws

Team Managers Rock! Be good and read this, it's very important

NTJFA - Game Day Run Sheet

Want to know how the games run... Be good and read this

NTJFA - Match Manager By-Laws

Great - you're the Match Manager. Be good and read this and make sure you read the Match Manager Checklist - that will help on the day!

NTJFA - Match Manager Check List

You're the Match Manager!! Be good and read this and the MM By-Laws

NTJFA - Start Times + Duration of Matches

Want to know how long the games run for. If you've been allocated the task of timekeeper - Be good and read this AND the Time Keeper By-Laws.

NTJFA - Time Keeper By-Laws

Rostered as Time Keeper - Be good, don't stress, read this and the Start Times + Duration of Matches.

NTJFA - Interchange Official By-Laws

OK - you have the job of Interchange. Be good and read this.

NTJFA - Runner By-Laws

Put your boots on. Be good and read this, it's what you need to know

NTJFA - Trainer By-Laws

Get your runners on - Be good and read this..

NTJFA - Water Carrier By-Laws

You'll need to be fit. Be good and read this

NTJFA - Umpire By-Laws

Umpire By-Law - be good and read this, just so you know what they know

National Registration - Process

AFL National Registration Process

National Registration - User Guide

AFL National Registration User Guide

National Registration - Presentation

Why are we using the National Registration System?