Risk Management



Risks are inherent an all aspects of Australian Rules Football and the Springvale Districts Football Club acknowledges the role of risk management as critical to the safe and controlled provision of the sport to players, officials and spectators.

The Springvale Districts Football Club is committed to managing risk in accordance with the relevant processes and current standards.

The risk management strategy of the Springvale Districts Football Club is a systematic process to identify, analyse, assess, communicate and treat risks that can adversely impact upon the performance and standing of the organisation.

The range of risks that the Springvale Districts Football Club needs to be prepared to deal with will include:

  • Public and Professional Liability responsibilities
  • Occupation Health & Safety responsibilities
  • Financial management
  • Organisational Management & Operational practices


The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for the elimination of all risks associated with the Springvale Districts Football Club


The successful implementation of the risk management policy requires a consistent and systematic approach to risk management at all levels of the Club’s operations.


  • Identify, report and analyse the Club’s liability associated with its range of risks
  • Encourage the ongoing identification and reporting of potential risks
  • Determine the magnitude of the risk
  • Develop a risk register
  • Develop, prioritise and implement ongoing plans and strategies to address risks
  • Promote and support risk management practices
  • Educate members on good risk management practices
  • Minimise the cost of insurance claims and premiums
  • Protect the clubs image and brand

The risk management systems will be reviewed annually at the annual general meeting to ensure the actions remain appropriate and effective.