Training Times

2017 Preseason

16/11 at Marriott waters oval 2.
21/11 at banjo Patterson reserve lynbrook 
23/11 at Marriott waters oval 2
28/11 at banjo Patterson reserve
30/11 at Marriott waters oval 2
5/12 at banjo Patterson reserve 
7/12 Marriott waters oval 2
12/12 at banjo Patterson reserve 
14/12 at Marriott waters oval 2 
19/12 at banjo Patterson reserve 
21/12 at Marriott waters oval 2.
Training will commence at 6:30 and will be strictly runners only before Christmas. 
I look forward to seeing you all from the first session as we prepare for a huge 2017




Marriott Waters Reserve Oval 2

Boland Drive, Lyndhurst



Banjo Paterson Reserve

Patterson Drive, Lynbrook (near Lynbook Railway Station)


Sessions commence at 6.30pm