F.A.Q.  (Frequently Asked Questions) : 

Q: Is it on if it's raining / bad weather ?
A: Yes - Footy is fun in the wet!  Please don't ring/text on the morning to ask, the coaches will be there regardless, it's up to you if you'd like to come. This is the most common question.

Q: Is it only for Carlton Supporters?
A: No, everyones welcome.  It's based in Carlton and we do get Carlton players down and some tickets to Carlton games, but there are plenty of supporters from other clubs and many of the coaches support other teams!! 

Q: Do we need to know how to play Aussie Rules Footy / AFL ?
A: No. A lot of our families are new to Melbourne and Footy.  This is a class in learning about footy, as we feel it's as important as learning a language if you live in Melbourne. 

Q: Is it for Boys and Girls ? 
A: Yes.  It's a one stop shop for all families.  We have a lot of girls and a dedicated girls group if preferred.

Q: Do we have to come to Auskick every week ?
A: No. We'd love you to, but you don't need to.  And no need to tell us if you can't come one week.

Q: Can I have a trial ? 
A: Yes. You can just turn up if you'd just like to try.  But please arrive 10-20 mins early to register (required for insurance).  

Q: Do you have different levels at Auskick ?
A: Yes.  We run multiple groups and aim to match kids with other kids of similar skill level to builld confidence and enjoyment. That is challenging early with everyone arriving at the same time, so we adjust it over time.  Please let us know if you feel your child should be in a different group for skill, friendship or other reason.