Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy
St Thomas Hawks Basketball Club

Version: 1.1 | Version Effective:Apr 1, 2024| Review Date: Apr 1, 2025


Social Media Policy

This social media policy is designed to provide guidelines for the appropriate use of social media by members of St Thomas Greensborough North Basketball Club. The purpose of this policy is to ensure a positive and respectful online environment for all members, including players, parents, and coaches. 

  1. General Guidelines

    1. All members are expected to represent St Thomas Greensborough North Basketball Club in a positive and respectful manner on all social media platforms.

    2. Avoid posting inappropriate or offensive content, including but not limited to, discriminatory language, harassment, or content that may damage the reputation of the club.

  2. Use of Club's Official Social Media Accounts

    1. Only authorised club representatives are allowed to post content on the official club social media accounts.

    2. If you have content that you believe should be shared on the club's official accounts, please contact the club's social media manager or your Team Manager or Coach.

  3. Personal Social Media Use

    1. Members are encouraged to tag the club in posts related to their basketball activities, but they should refrain from posting any inappropriate content.

    2. Members should respect the privacy of their teammates, coaches, and opponents. Avoid posting content that could be deemed invasive or disrespectful.

    3. Members are advised to avoid discussing controversial topics, including politics and sensitive issues, on their personal social media accounts in a way that could be associated with the club.

  4. Parental Consent

    1. By default, it is assumed that parents consent to the club's use of photos and videos featuring their child on the website and social media platforms.

    2. Parents who wish to opt out must inform the committee in writing.

  5. Respect for Privacy

    1. Avoid sharing personal information about yourself or others on social media, including addresses, phone numbers, and sensitive personal details.

    2. Avoid posting content that could be deemed invasive or disrespectful.

  6. Consequences for Violating the Policy

    1. Violations of this social media policy may result in disciplinary action, which could include suspension from games or other club-related activities.

  7. Communication Channels

    1. For official communication regarding the social media policy, please contact the club's designated social media manager or the committee.


By participating in St Thomas Hawks Basketball Club, members agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined in this social media policy. The club reserves the right to update this policy as needed. Parents who wish to opt out of the club's use of their child's photos and videos should submit a written request to their team manager.




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