Refund Policy

Registration and Refund policy

In registering to play with St Thomas’ Greensborough North Basketball Club for any given
season, players are indicating a commitment to the club and the team they are selected in.
Parents will be sent the link to register for the upcoming season via Team App and email
with the dates for the registration period in the lead up to each season. The link will send
the applicant to the SportsTG registration page where all player information is to be
provided and all payments made.
St Thomas Greensborough North Basketball Club registration fees cover the cost of training
venue hire, registration and game costs for our teams in the DVBA competition, insurances
and other miscellaneous costs
Families experiencing difficulty in paying the registration fees in full are encouraged to seek
payment arrangements by contacting the Club President or Vice President ahead of the
close of registration. All requests are treated confidentially.
Parents are asked to ensure that their children are committed to playing for the upcoming
season before completing the online registration and payment of fees. Registration fees will
only be refunded under the conditions outlined in the below Registration Fee Refund

Late Registration:
Once the registration period closes, anyone wishing to register a player must contact the
relevant age group coordinator. Age group coordinators will determine if there are places
available in the teams. Whether or not a player can be registered late is always at the
discretion of the age group coordinator, with the full support of the club committee. Age
group coordinators are not obliged to create teams that they consider too large to
accommodate late registrations.

Registration Fee Refund conditions:

Parents must advise their age group coordinator in writing via email if their child is to be

All Refunds are based on standard membership fee of $270.00 (less PlayHQ Administration fee)

• If a player withdraws before the close of registration, the paid fees will be refunded
minus a $30 (per player) club administration fee.

• If a player withdraws after the close of registration, but before teams are
announced, the fees will be refunded minus a $50 (per player) club administration

• If a player withdraws once the teams have been announced, but before the season
has commenced the fees will be refunded minus a $75 (per player) club
administration fee.

• If a player withdraws before the end of the grading games, Half of the membership
fee (per player) will be refunded.

All other applications for refunds will need to be forwarded in writing via email to the age
group coordinator for consideration; any refund given will be at the discretion of the St
Thomas Greensborough North Basketball Club Committee, minus club administration fee.

Club and Committee members invest a significant amount of time and effort into pre-season
administration and team selections. Player withdrawal, at any stage, is disruptive and time
consuming to the team and player selection processes. The withdrawal can have a flow on
effect across the whole age group and creates considerable work for the volunteers on our
committee. The St Thomas Greensborough North Basketball Club Refund Policy has been
designed to minimise the impact withdrawals have on the Club.

Refunds are not given for:
• Dislike of the team into which the player has been selected
• Dislike of the allocated coach
• Unavailability to train at the allocated time/day
• Preferences not being met e.g. not playing with friends
• Dislike of the grade in which the team is playing in
• Dislike of the low team number designated
• Other sport/social commitments
• Change of mind by players/parents
• Parent/coach given lower ranked team than expected

PLEASE NOTE: Clearances/Transfers between competing Clubs will
NOT be issued if any payments are outstanding once registered,
including withdrawal.

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