Timing Rules

  • Each team shall be permitted (2) time outs per half.
  • No time out is permitted in the last three minutes of the first half.
  • Only one (1) time out per team allowed with in the last three minutes of the second half.
  • The clock stops for all whistles in the last (1) minute of the second half of the game and for time outs in the last three minutes of the game.

These Rules Apply for Age Groups Under 12 & Up Only.

Under 10 & 12

In U10 & U12 games where the margin reaches thirty (30) points difference, the team leading must play a Restricted Defence. The restricted defence will be within their defensive three-point area and will remain in force for the remainder of the match, unless the margin is reduced to less than 20 points. Referees will notify the team to play restricted defence and if this is not adhered to the team/coach will be warned. Subsequent non-compliance of the rule will incur a Technical Foul which will be issued each time the team does not comply following the warning.

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