Thank you for accepting the role of Coach for your child's team. Without your support we would not be able to function successfully as a sporting club.

We hope you find all the information on this website that you need. If you have any further queries please contact either your age group co-ordinator or any committee member.

Tips for Planning Effective Training Sessions 

  • Maximise the practice work-time (Limit lengthy instruction)
  • Maximise the variety of activities in a session.
  • Activate the players by avoiding long queues and having ample equipment.
  • Play lots of skill based activities and games.
  • Provide positive feedback to all children to encourage involvement (e.g. good effort, nice try, well done).
  • Be well organised.
  • Be creative and flexible.
  • Avoid running laps, encourage skill related warm-ups.
  • Be punctual (arrive 15 minutes before the session begins).
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Learn the names of the children as soon as possible.
  • Treat all participants equally, talented or not so talented.
  • Do no play favourites.
  • Use a whistle to gain participants attention.
  • All sessions should include dribbling, shooting, passing and catching.
  • Children’s attention spans are different so vary the length and number of activities.
  • Move from simple to more complex tasks.
  • Keep sessions informal and free from stress. Have fun!
  • Relax for a few minutes after you have finished to help calm the children.
  • Always include an activity that the children are good at. Success is reward.
  • Listen to the children and stop any activity when asked a question.
  • Encourage the children to play man-on-man, as it encourages movement.
  • Give the children an opposition player’s number to tag during the match.
  • Establish a rule to 'keep the balls still while the coach is talking'.
  • Don’t give them too much information at one time. The children find it difficult to process a lot of information.

Above all 'ENJOY'

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