Player Information

Training Diary - XMas/New Year Period: Pre-Season 2019

Enclosed is the Falcons' training diary for the XMas-New Year period for Pre-season 2019.more

Flyer on Player Insurance from JLT

Enclosed is a flyer from AFL Victoria and JLT on insurance for players participating in TAC Cup for Season 2015.more

AFL Memo on Club Recruiting/Player Interview Protocols

Enclosed is an AFL Memo to clubs on the requisite protocols when it comes to interviewing prospective players, particularly those players participating in TAC Cup during Season 2014.more

Nutrition Presentation - Kasey Martin Nutrition

Enclosed is Kasey Martin's presentation on nutrition to the Geelong Falcons pre-season squad for Season 2013.more

Development Week Schedule


Geelong Falcons Registration Form


Geelong Falcons Medical Consent Form

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