Ground Marshalls

For every home game the Club must have a Ground Marshall. The Ground Marshall is a representative of the home team and is clearly identified by a yellow bib.  The Ground Marshall is a point of contact regarding information and assistance for visiting teams, parents, umpires, etc.

  • ensuring ground is marked, junior fields are laid out correctly and goal post protectors are in place (if needed)
  • ensuring games commence at designated times
  • knowing where dressing rooms are located for both home and away teams (if applicable)
  • knowing the names of home team representatives (coach, manager, first aid officer, etc;)
  • knowing any subsequent games that are being played on the field
  • escorting umpire on and off the field (U12s and over)
  • ensuring umpire is hydrated at intervals
  • maintaining good order as per Code of Conduct amongst spectators
  • record and report breaches of the Code of Conduct to AFL Brisbane Juniors
  • ensuring all other incidents are recorded e.g. injuries
  • ensure First Aid officer, stretcher and first aid kit in place
  • being aware of location of first aid equipment, stretcher, etc

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