Club Rules & Policies


FGFC Policies and Procedures

This document is a major rewrite of the clubs constitution containing the rules and policies of the club.more

FGF Player Code of Conduct

This document sets out the clubs requirements for both players and parents.more

FGF Visual Identity & Branding Guideline

The purpose of this guide is to ensure anyone associated with the club has an understanding of the Falcons brand and the standards associated with it.more

FGF Ground Marshall Policy

A Ground Marshall must always be appointed for any team game. It is important to note that the Ground Marshall does have certain responsibilities that need to be adhered to.more

FGF Time Keeping Policy

The timekeeper is responsible to coordinating the timing of game duration as well as the length of each quarter break time.more

FGFC Constitution History

The Rules and Regulations underlying the day to day running of The Ferny Grove Falcons Junior Australian Football Club are covered in the following associated documents:-more
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