Team Selection Policy

At the Kawana Park Eagles JAFC we aim to provide an environment that nurture and develops players from youngest to oldest. The club will not discriminate on the basis of ability, sex, race or religion.

The Club asks that coaches adhere to the following guidelines:

-  Intra-club matches must have even teams

-  Under 11s and below – if there are multiple teams in an age group coaches are to consider the following when picking teams:

  • o   Schools attended
  • o   Friendship Groups
  • o   Continued development of the player, no matter their ability

-  Under 12s and above – if there are multiple teams in the same age group, coaches are to consider the following when finalising teams:

  • o   Perception of players abilities relative to the division they are playing in
  • o   Potential of the player
  • o   Physical development
  • o   Players attitude and commitment
  • o   Player’s adherence to the code of conduct
  • o   Attendance at training
  • o   The need for team balance.
  • o   When two sides are formed in the same division – coaches must form two equally competitive teams

-  In all grades, players must play a minimum of three quarters per match

-  During the course of the season players should be rotated (both on and off the ground) through different positions to gain experience.

The main points of the Finals Selection policy are:

  • In the event of the team playing in one final, 22 players will be selected.
  • In the event of playing 2 or more finals, all players will play at least one final.
  • At all times the players that registered with the Club earliest will have preference over players that registered latest.
  • In the junior age groups a game will be considered to be at least two quarters of football, with all players being on the field prior to half time.  This will be mandatory. For youth age groups the club will provide this point as a guide only for the coach.  The coach will have some discretion over the length of playing time that individual players will have on the field and the time at which the player on the bench would come onto the ground.  

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