It's Positive or it's Pointless

At Kawana Park, we fully support and encourage you to support the 'Positive or Pointless' campaign. The message of this program is what we strive for every day and lies at the heart of our Mission Statement:

"Kawana Park Eagles is a junior football club, which provides a quality environment for the purpose of fun, participation and development of the skills of Australian football."

The Positive or Pointless campaign has been established by the Queensland Government - Department of Communities Sport & Recreation Services in conjunction with the junior football codes played in Queensland - AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer - and is designed to help build a positive culture in these sports and local communities.

The Queensland Government believes that sport is an integral part of the Queensland way of life and provides a wonderful opportunity for people to be active and healthy and make enduring friendships. Junior sport is a great environment for improving our children’s health and teaching them a range of life skills. Sport builds discipline, leadership, self esteem and confidence.

Minister for Sport, the Honourable Phil Reeves MP encourages all parents, players, officials and supporters to get behind the program.

“If we want our kids to keep participating in physical activities, it is essential that their experience in junior sport is positive and fun.”

“I congratulate clubs for actively participating in this campaign and I encourage all players, parents and officials to keep spreading the positive or it’s pointless message.”

What you can do everyday:

- Clap and cheer and be supportive

- Offer positive comments only

- Applaud the efforts of players from both team, not just your own

- Applaud the efforts of match officials

- Respect umpires decisions and teach children to do the same

- Express your appreciation to volunteers, say please and thank you

- Focus on a child’s efforts and self esteem rather than whether they win or lose

- Help make sport a fun activity to be involved in

For more information, please visit the ‘Positive or Pointless’ website by clicking on the link below.

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