Merv McDougall Award

The Merv McDougall Trophy is awarded in recognition of outstanding contribution to our club. There are two of these prestigious awards each year -  Junior and Senior Clubman.

Recipients of these awards have been:

Junior Clubman                                           Senior Clubman

2004      Robert Aloe                                        Kerrie Mills

2005      Robert Aloe                                        Joe Aloe

2006      Shelby Copeland                               Tracey and Gordon Copeland

2007      Rochelle Keenan                                Barry Keenan

2008      Brandon Bruce                                   Leanne Gordon

2009      Ben Meehan                                       Trish Hooper

2010      Beau Traill                                           Paul Menti

2011      Baxter Moles                                       Josephine Kelly-Traill

2012      Bailey Traill                                          Deb Linton

2013      Jye Medwin                                          Bev Norman

2014       Beau Traill                                            Machelle Blair

2015      Judd Hooper                                         Cheryl Maskell

2016       Dave Bagshaw                                    Donna McCosker

2017       Nathan Jeckeln                                   Jason Lenske

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