Coaching Philsophy

Kawana Park Eagles JAFC Coaching Philosophy

Why have a club coaching philosophy?

A club philosophy gives us direction and a map. It brings consistency and reduces uncertainty for coaches, managers, parents and players. It sets club standards and a style of play. A player’s enjoyment grows with an increase in their skills and technique. In playing the game we must encourage creativity and problem solving – valuable attributes in life and not just in sport.

An obsession with winning in junior football is detrimental to a young player’s long-term development. Our society greatly values success but places too much emphasis on short-term success. This comes at the expense of player development and longer-term goals. Success is more than wins versus losses; it is in developing young footballers’ skill levels, creativity and ability to read games. It is in the enjoyment of their game. Until mid-teens the focus should be on developing skills and an understanding of the game. As coaches, we are entrusted with the welfare of other peoples children, and what we do and say will affect these children for many years to come. We have taken the belief that we do not coach a sport but we coach kids.

KPE JAFC Coaching Philosophy

The Kawana Park JAFC has the following coaching philosophy for the development of junior football.

At Kawana Park, we are seeking to provide an environment that places an equal amount of emphasis on the following points, All the points below are as important as one another, and no one point is more of a focus point as another; yet a balanced approach to these is the key to success.

• All players will ALWAYS be encouraged to have fun at training and on game days
• KPJAFC is a Club for players of all abilities, & all cultural & religious backgrounds
• Encouraging development of leaders.
• Teaching valuable Life Skills
• Providing an environment that is safe, secure and balanced.
• Team orientated environment
• Emphasising a positive attitudes towards others
• Athletes will be encouraged to always do their best
• Older players will be encouraged to assist younger players achieve their best
• Sportsmanship and embracing the spirit of football
• Balancing the life skills with the technical skills.
• Coaches and parents will set achievable objectives for athletes
• All players will be given positive reinforcement based on EFFORT and not results


At Kawana Park JAFC, we are not focused on scores or results but what skills/lessons have been learnt through participation. If you learn something each time you participate in sport, then you have already won regardless of the score.

We plan to engage all children in all activities and regardless of age or skill level treat all participants in the same manner. When we think back we were once those same kids we are now coaching.

We are about fostering the youthful talent of our club to ensure we provide ourselves with good people in the future years of our club. These kids will be our tomorrow’s coaches, mentors and custodians of our Club & the great game of AFL. We do the right thing now, we not only secure the success of our club in the future, but can be proud in the knowledge that we have contributed in a positive way towards the development of our youth in society.

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