Under 14's Match Rules


To provide children with a fun, safe and positive experience through a match program that focuses on consolidating their basic football skills and knowledge of technical and tactical concepts, rather than competition.

Spirit of the game To give all available players a game of football in which they have every opportunity to gain possession of the ball and safely dispose of it by kick or handball

The game A fixture of junior club football competitions complying with the Laws of Australian Football with minor modifications

Playing ground 135-185 Lenght 110-155 Width

Officials One field umpire (provided by AFLSC). One boundary umpire and one goal umpires provided by each team.

The ball Size 4 Leather (extreme wet conditions - synthetic, consultation between coaches and umpires)

The team 18-a-side  with max 4 interchange . 

Zones/positions N/A


Scoring As per AFL Rules

Possession Rule N/A

Playing time 4 x 15 minute quarters, no time on

Start and restarting play A ball-up is conducted between 2 centre players of similar height as nominated by the umpire in the centre of the ground. Only centre line players attend centre bounces (20m clearance from all other players). The umpire is to enforce a similar 20m area for field bounces

Scrimmage and field ball ups Field ball ups are contested by 2 players of equal size selected by the umpire. Before the ball up, the umpire should clear the area by sending players back to their positions. No more than 3 players from each team shall be closer to the ball up than about 20m

Full possession In relation to all ball ups the following full possession rule applies as follows:
-a player contesting a ball up may not grab the ball and play on,
-the player must knock, palm or punch the ball to a team mate or open ground, and may not play
the ball again until it has been touched by another player or hit the ground

Out of bounds Throw in to occur

Contact/bumping Contact is permitted below the shoulders and above the knees with the hip, shoulder, chest, arms or open hand provided the ball is no more than 5 metres away.

Tackling A player with the ball may be tackled with both arms provided contact is made below the top of the shoulders and on/above the knees. The tackle may be from either side or from behind, providing a tackle from behind does not thrust the player with the ball forward. No player shall be deliberately slung, dumped or thrown to the ground in any tackle

Shepherding A player can use his or her body or arm to push, bump or block another player who does not have possession but is no more than 5 metres away from the ball

Barging No barging or chopping past opponents is permitted. Fending off with an open hand to the body, provide it is not above the shoulders or in the back, is allowed

Marking A mark is awarded when a player catches the ball directly from another players kick that has travelled at least 10 metres

Bouncing Unlimited are permitted

Distance Run A player running with the ball must bounce it within 15 metres

Kicking off the ground Is permitted 

Distance penalty A 25m advancement may be awarded to a player after a mark or a free kick if he or she has been hindered by an opposition player. This could include such acts as overstepping the mark, wasting time and abusive language and behaviour

Order off rule

Coaches The coach is not allowed on the ground but messages may be delivered by a runner

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