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Players guernsey (included in fees)


We're very proud of our uniform and love seeing our players looking great on the field. With new designs now available in 2019, there's no reason why the whole family can't get in on the Dragon's action. 

All items are available for purchase from the Canteen at Home Games and at Wednesday evening Training Sessions. See a Committe members for assistance.

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Players must travel and arrive at the game in their Club Polo, playing shorts and socks.

To play, players must change their club polo for their correctly numbered Players Guernsey. Football boots are highly recommended as they give better grip and protection from other football boots. 

The club provides each child with a playing guernsey for the season. They are individualy numbered and must be worn by the same player each week. Each week a parent may be rostered to wash the guernseys and return them back to the Coach or Team Manager at training.

Shorts and socks are purchased at our Canteen.

See our Boot Box for an economic option if your player is growing out of their boots. This will be at the Canteen each home game and Training Session.

Players are not permitted to wear caps or hats while playing.



OFFICIALS (runners, goal umpires, ground marshalls etc.)

All club officials must wear their Club Polo shirt. You may also wear a Club Cap. Bibs for Ground Marshall and First Aid roles will be available to wear over your polo.

All officials are to wear closed in shoes. Football boots are a good option for muddy grounds, and may be worn.



Our prefered training attire is the Club Training Top, Club shorts, club socks and football boots.

However, players may train in any AFL club guernsey, t-shirt or top, sports shorts, socks and football boots. We advise against training in joggers as other will be wearing football boots, and joggers offer less protection from studs.

Playing guernseys must not be worn for training. This item must be kept in top shape for games only.



Club Polos & Caps

Each child will receive a club polo shirt to be worn to and from all games. Polo shirts are navy blue with sky blue highlights. 

Club caps are available for purchase at the canteen at all home games.

Additional children's polos as well as adult polos are also available for purchase.  Please see the canteen page for current prices.


Skins, or other such similar items can be worn under the shorts to prevent chaffing.  The AFLBJ Rules and Regulations state that all skins are to be beige coloured - not white or black.

See their website AFLBJ - Rules & Regulations - AFL Queensland State Junior Football Rules and Regulations - Section 20.

Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses may be worn on the field with prior approval from AFLBJ.  Full details of the child to be emailed to the club email address so it can be forwarded to AFLBJ.  Once written approval has been made, the child can continue playing football.


Football boots can be purchased at any sports store. They are to have plastic moulding on the base with no metal studs. All boots are inspected by the umpire prior to the start of the game.


All fingernails are inspected by the umpire at the same time as the boots.  The players are lined up with both hands out in front, palms down, and one leg raised.  The umpire will walk down the line looking at each hand and one boot.  All nails are to be trimmed and tidy.  Nail clippers are usually kept in the First Aid kit but they are known to "wander off" between use.

If you are a Team Manager, please ensure you have nail clippers with you at all games.


It is highly recommended all players have a mouthguard.  These can be purchased at any sports store, chemist, dentist or mouthguard specialist.  Even though each age group has modififed rules and half-tackling is only introduced at Under 9 level, with full tackling at Under 11 level, children do tend to fall on top of one another during play.

While it is difficult, please discourage your child from chewing on their mouthguard as it will only become more uncomfortable as time goes on.



The AFL has decided that certain items are not to be worn by players.


20.1 The attire of players taking part in all matches shall be the attire that is officially approved by AFLQ.


Banned items include:


  • Gloves
  • Metal tags
  • Long fingernails
  • Caps
  • Sunglasses 
  • Padding of any sort (includes but not limited to - shin pads and shoulder pads)
  • Jewellery (includes but not limited to - earrings, body piercing jewellery, chains, watches and rings)
  • Bike pants and compression shorts that are not beige coloured


Any player wearing skins of another colour, or bikes pants with designs down the side which can be seen may be asked by the umpire to get changed. 



Guernsey, Jersey, Jumper - What is it really called and what's the difference?

Way back in time there were two islands who made all the playing gear for the UK and Europe and they were called Guernsey and Jersey. They both made woollen jumpers to be worn for sport but were slightly different in weave and knit. Today all playing gear is made by artificial cloth but the names remain.

Jumper - more modern term and easier to use. Used in all codes.

Jersey - generally used in Rugby Union and Rugby League and has short sleeves with a collar.

Guernsey - Official name for AFL and are sleeveless with a V neck.  Although AFL calls the beginning of the year function the Jumper Presentation, we are actually presenting a guernsey. Pronounced G-urn-zee.

Isn't language wonderful?









Thank you to those who attended and voted at our recent AGM. Here is your committee:

President - Shane McConnell

Vice-President -  Adam Middleton

Treasurer - Simon Matthews

Secretary - Cassie Barclay Bertram

Registrar - Michael Higgins

Marketing, Social Media & Website - Cassie Barclay Betram/ Elton Cane

General committee - Nigel Brockman

Coaching Coordinator - Brett Elliott

Auskick - Cassie Barclay Betram/Brett Elliott




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Ground details

Our Home ground is at Hilder Rd State School, 104 Kaloma Road, The Gap.

Use the gate on entrance off Hilder rd (opposite Wittonga park).   

Parking is available in the Wittonga park car park. 

Toilets are situated behind the clubhouse (seperate building).

The canteen will be open for Home Games selling coffee, hot pies, cold drinks, chips and treats.