Water Carriers

  • must wear an approved bib;
  • must not act as team runners, deliver message, or conduct coaching; 
  • must not throw water bottles to players;
  • are not permitted to be situated in a defined area fifteen (15) metres on either side of the competing team‟s coach‟s box from which the Club's official runner must leave and enter the playing field when delivering messages;
  • must remain behind the boundary line while the Match is in progress and enter the playing field only when there is a clear break in play away from the player/s (i.e after a goal is scored, or while a set shot is being made);
  • are not to remain on the playing field after performing their duties; and
  • must not engage in physical contact that may cause or incite injury to any player, official, or umpire or initiate any physical contact outside the realms of his/her duty of responsibilities.