Ground Marshall

The Ground Marshall is the Club representative at home games and is the pivotal point for information for Visiting Teams, Parents and Umpires. The Ground Marshall should be dressed appropriately, i.e.: club shirt and enclosed shoes.  The Ground Marshall is clearly identified by a Yellow Bib. 

The Ground Marshall oversees the Codes of Conduct on match day and reports any breaches of Codes of Conduct and is the first contact point for any disputes/indiscretions that may arise. 


  • Inspect the ground on match day to ensure it is prepared to acceptable standards:
    • Ground marking done;
    • Protection on goal/point posts; and
    • Sprinkler removed/lowered.
  • Complete a pre game inspection report using the JLT Insurance AFL mobile device application.     
  • Ensure that games commence at designated times, in consultation with Umpires the length of quarters may be adjusted to keep timetable on track;
  • Ensure First Aid Attendant and stretcher is in place;
  • Be in attendance to the Umpires prior and after the game and ensure Umpires have an escort on and off the ground; 

It is important that Ground Marshals conduct themselves in a firm but polite manner and are not over officious when speaking to persons regarding breeches of Code of Conduct. 

It is important to note that Ground Marshall’s duties/responsibilities are to Assist/Contribute to the quality Management of Junior Football on Match Day. 

Ground Marshall’s should reflect the positive aspects of our Code of Conduct; they should be able to provide a pro-active service to all participants of Juniors Football on Match Day. 

Have you seen the AFLBJ Ground Marshall training video? If not have look at it!  You never know when you will be called on to be the Ground Marshall! Click on the link below. 

Ground Marshall Training Video.