Committee Members


The Committee and Members wish to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which the Everton Districts Sporting Club stands and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.








Charles Tibbitts

0401 647 511

Vice President

David Rhia

0414 678 857


Vicky Wilson

0423 555 823


Sarah Nicholas

 0437 343 961

Coaching Coordinator

Sean Doolan

0411 146 509


Clint O'Donnell

0438 801 684


Lindsay Wilson

0412 378 384


Charlotte Eld

0403 933 527



1970 Ernie Adams  Don Molund
Tom Beard
Roy Ryan   John Bell
1971 Ernie Adams  Tom Beard
Don Molundn
 Joy Paterson
Col Shields
 Doreen English
1972 Ernie Adams  Tom Beard Snr
Ken Maxwell Jnr
 Ron Mottershead  Gary Taylor
1973 Ernie Adams    V.B. Gall  
1974 K. Maxwell      
1975 K. Maxwell    Sandra Smyth Bruce Cowen 
1976 Ernie Adams  Bob Embrey Snr
Sam Lindsay Jnr
 Sandra Smyth  Bruce Cowen
1977 Ernie Adams  Rod Perkins  Sandra Smyth  Bruce Cowen
1978 John Yorston  B Beyer Snr Sandra Smyth
A. Lilley
 J. Anderson
1979 John Yorston  Ernie Adams
B. Beyer
 Ernie Adams  J. Anderson
1980 John Yorston      
1981 John Yorston      
1982 John Yorston  Max Devney  Max Devney John Malane 
1983 John Yorston  Les Ambor
B. Kirkbyu
Max Devney  John Malane 
1984 Les Ambor  John Yorston
Vic Beering
 Graeme Murray John Malane 
1985 Les Ambor  Gavin Malherbe  Graeme Murray  Paul Swan
1986 Keith Langely
Les Ambor
 Dennis Moore
T. Curtis
C. Serchen
 Mark Meinikas  Paul Swan
C. Townsend
1987 Les Ambor
Vic Beering
 J. Withall
M. Crompton
 P. Swan  C. Townsend
Peter Woodford
Charlie Serchen
1988 Vic Beering
Roger Coleman Jnr
   Teens Butler  Charlie Serchen
1989 Vic Beering
J. Butler
 J. D'Angelo
J. Butler
M. Moore
 L. Bradford
V. Kolb
L. Harradine
 Paul Swan
J. Withall
1990 Vic Beering
Paul Swan
Mark Moore
J. D'Angelo
Mark Moore
L. Harradine
Paul Swan
Steve Millar
Marg Millar
1991 J. Lewis
Daryl French
Alan Wright Jenny Wright Marg Millar
1992 Daryl French
Marg Millar
Alan Wright Jenny Wright
S. Richardson
Steve Millar
Marg Millar
1993 Marg Millar Phil Norman S. Sindorff
D. Tonkin
T. Norman
W. Keene
1994 Phil Norman R. South Marg Millar W. Keene
1995 Phil Norman R. South Marg Millar W. Keene
1996 W. Keene Phil Norman Marg Millar Russell Sowden
1997 W. Keene J. Dickens Bernard Cleary Russell Sowden
1998 B. Cleary Barry Moulton Cathy Harper Russell Sowden
1999 Steve Millar Marg Millar Dianne Liang

John Laing
Meredith Harrigan
Greg Harrigan
Jan Scott

2000 Steve Millar Vacant Marg Millar Jan Scott
2001 Steve Millar Daryl Villalba Janita Madden Marg Millar
2002 Steve Millar Daryl Villalba Janita Madden Marg Millar
2003 Steve Millar Daryl Villalba Tracey Cooper Marg Millar
2004 Steve Millar Chris Martin Tracey Cooper Marg Millar
2005 Chris Martin Steve Millar S. Cleary Marg Millar
2006 Chris Martin Jeff Wood Simon Jukes Colleen Martin
2007 Chris Martin Jeff Wood Simon Jukes Colleen Martin
2008 Chris Martin Jeff Wood Simon Jukes Colleen Martin
2009 Chris Martin John Laing Melinda Puncken Jeff Wood
2010 Chris Martin John Laing Melinda Puncken Jeff Wood
2011 Chris Martin Vacant Melinda Puncken Jeff Wood
2012  Melinda Puncken  Chris Martin Vacant Colleen Martin
2013  Melinda Puncken  Chris Martin Linda Mahoney Corin Ness Wilson
2014  Melinda Puncken  Charmaine Richman K. Shirley Corin Ness Wilson
2015  Rachael Belbin  Nick Elsey Lynette McCabe Corin Ness Wilson
2016  Chris Davies  Nick Elsey Lynette McCabe Corin Ness Wilson
2017  Chris Davies  Charles Tibbitts Lynette McCabe Corin Ness Wilson
2018  Chris Davies  Charles Tibbitts Samantha Nelson Corin Ness Wilson
2019  Charles Tibbitts  Chris Davies Samantha Nelson

Corin Ness Wilson

2020  Charles Tibbitts David Riha Andrew Catterall

Vicky Wilson

2021  Charles Tibbitts David Riha

Jodi Low

Sarah Nicholas 

Vicky Wilson





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Calendar of Events Notice Board


CaSSSA AFL Fixture 10th Feb - 31st March



 Auskick starts Sat 8am 6th March 2021


Annual U12 Cup vs Ferny Falcons

TBA  - prior to Easter 2021


 Junior Games start w/e 23-25nd April 2021


Youth Games start w/e 23-25nd April 2021


QLD Schools Cup Competition: Seniors 28th May

9am - 3pm


QLD Schools Cup Competition: Juniors 4th June

9am - 3pm


Training Notice Board



YOUTH GIRLS U15.5, U17.5

Tue and Thu 5pm-6.30pm



Thu 5pm-6.30pm


YOUTH BOYS U12.5, U14.5 and U16.5

TBA Feb Tue and Thu 5pm-6.30pm 



 Starts TBA March Wed 5:15-6:15pm



Starts TBA March 5-6:30pm


Junior Boys and Girls U8, U9, U10

Starts Wed TBA March 5:00-6:00pm 


Superstars's Boys and Girls

Starts Wed TBA 5-6pm


All New Players are welcome to attend any session