Sponsorship Opportunities 2021

2021 Player Sponsorship

 The Mayne Tigers are eager to partner with individuals, local businesses and corporate entities with strong brands who have a vision to see our club continue to improve and achieve future success. 

The Performance of our teams is built on attracting and retaining quality players. The quality that the club has set itself upon is not just in sporting prowess but in the type of individual that it would like to wear the Black and Gold. Players that represent the Mayne Tigers are expected to perform to a high standard both on and off the field and at the same time show respect for their team mates, coaches, volunteers, the club and the wider football community. 

We would welcome your support in sponsorship of our players. Sponsorships are very welcome from companies, individuals or syndicates. We have prepared an individual flyer for a large number of our senior players highlighting the positive things that they have all been doing in the name of the Mayne Tigers. 

The sponsorship offers a number of benefits to a supporter or supporters which we hope will be attractive. A summary and flyer is included on this site for consideration and we welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone considering supporting the club in this fashion. 

The club is interested in all offers that may have a mutual benefit to the club and the sponsor. 

If you would like to discuss sponsorship of the Mayne Tigers, please contact Guy Gardner on 0413430902 or Russell Ditchburn on 0413274967 or email to president@maynetigers.com.au.

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Jack Collings

Jersey No. 9 (139 games, 49 goals) 

Powerful defensive midfielder who achieved premiership success in 2015 and 2016.

Club Captain and Club Champion in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 capping off stellar years for the Tigers.

A regular high performer and member of the South Queensland representative team, Jack continue to be a key member of the senior Tigers for years to come.

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Caleb Brown

Jersey No. 12 (198 games, 191 goals)

Five times Club Captain and two time winner of the Keith Beavis Club Champion Award. Qld representative honours in 2011 at NEAFL level. Key position player with speed and endurance. Led the Tigers to Triple Premiership success in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and also taking out multiple awards during the season including the Duncanson Medal for league B&F.

Respected veteran of the game who is as keen and as fit as ever to take on the competition.

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Zac McLean

Jersey Number 25 (104 senior games, 151 goals) 

Former Everton Junior, already a triple premiership player and a key person in the Tigers young leaders group.

A highly skilled forward/midfielder who had a break out season in 2016 to achieve Club Champion status.

Is now a key midfield leader for the Tigers who goes forward to regularly hit the scoreboard.

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Marcus Dyson

Jersey No. 7 (8 senior games, 3 goals)

Marcus Dyson was recruited from the Bay Power in Hervey Bay in 2020 coming to the Tigers after back to back success winning the Stedman Medal for Best and Fairest in the Wide Bay competition.

He took the QFA Division 1 competition by storm to win the Duncanson Todd Medal in his first year at the Tigers and will be keen to maintain this form in 2021.

A rugged type who has easily transitioned to AFL after spending many years playing rugby league.

Certainly one to watch again in 2021.

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Zac Quin

Jersey No. 6 (21 Games, 27 Goals)

A former Mayne Junior who burst on to the scene for the Tigers in 2019 to play an important running role in his senior debut season and backed it up again in 2020 helping to take the Tigers to a Grand Final appearance.

Best on Ground in the 2019 Reserve Grade Premiership team and Rising Star that year, Zac elevated his game in 2020 to be a key mid field weapon and prime attacking player for the Tigers.

Zac will be one to watch as he continues to develop and will be critical to the Tigers success in 2021.

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Sam Paterson

Jersey No. 44 (110 games, 28 goals)

Recruited from Noosa in 2011 and has twice finished runner up in the Keith Beavis Club Champion medal. Midfield / half back flanker with freakish ability to win the contested ball. Has superb balance and endurance.

After an injury plagued 2014 season broke back into the team to play a pivotal role in the finals and claim a premiership medallion. Backed up again in 2015 and 2016 for a triple.

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Dean Hartley

Jersey No. 8 (129 games, 10 goals)

Ex Albury defender who has become a key individual in the club both on and off the field. Team leader in 2013, through to 2020.

Premiership player in 2014 , 2015 and 2016 as a key part of the impenetrable Tiger defence.

Quality individual for the Tigers both on and off the field.

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Ryan Eyles

Jersey No. 24 (56 Games, 10 Goals)

Recruited from Aspley in 2016, playing a key role in the Tigers Reserves premiership and also sharing the Graham Walters Best & Fairest in that year.

Recovered from serious illness in 2017 to play an important role in the seniors defence. Another big year in 2020 sees Ryan as one of the Tigers on and off field leaders and once again a key utility player for the Tigers in 2021.

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Dan Schmidt

Jersey No. 30 (36 Games, 18 Goals)

Former Everton Junior who graduated through the Tigers Colts programme to play 11 senior games in his debut year in 2017.

Capable tall who can play a key forward role or ruck.

Will be an important player in the 2021 season as he continues to develop his size and skills.

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Sam Nevins

Jersey No. 45 (39 Games, 10 Goals) 

Sam Nevins was recruited from the Bayswater Football Club in the Eastern Football League.

Sam is a tall athletic key position type who made a tremendous contribution to the Mayne Football Club in 2015 and 2016 helping to secure the three peat premiership success.

Runner Up Club Champion in the 2017 Season.

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Kane Tyson

Jersey No. 18 (24 Games, 19 Goals)

Former Maroochydore player who came to the Tigers with an abundance of experience in 2017. Capable utility player who can play at either end of the field.

Qualified for the Reserves finals series in 2019 and starred in all finals games to add a Premiership medallion to his credentials at the Tigers.

Will be an important player in the 2021 season.

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Jack Coghlan

Jersey No. 4 (31 Senior Games, 26 Goals)

Jack returns from the Aspley Hornets NEAFL team as an important recruit for the 2021 season.

A key player in the Mayne 2016 Premiership team, the diminutive running player has plenty of zip and talent to provide the necessary spark to ignite the Tigers this year.

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Jack Gartlan

Jersey No. 2 (55 games, 19 goals)

Recruited in 2016 having transferred in from North Shore Football Club in the Barwon League. Played a key defender role in the 2016 Premiership team for the Tigers but is a handy key position at either end of the ground.

A key member of the Tigers 2019 Reserve Grade premiership, Jack will continue to be an important player in the 2021 season.

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Henry Leong

Jersey No.10 (20 senior games, 3 goals) 

Former Everton Junior, last played for the Tigers in an all conquering 2014 Premiership team before forging a career in the NEAFL and QAFL.

Leong is blessed with a strong physique, poise and deft skills. Tiger supporters are very pleased to see him back in the black and gold.

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Jordan Morrison

Jersey Number 27 (77 senior games, 15 goals)

Former Everton Junior, Morrison is an exciting player with talent to burn. A versatile utility player who played an integral role in the 2015 and 2016 reserve grade premierships and has gone on to play an important role in the senior group.

A developing leader, Jordan has become an integral part of the Tiger setup both on and off the field.

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Jeremy Duck

Jersey No. 32  (New Recruit)

Jeremy Duck has been recruited from the Rand-Walbundrie-Walla Football and Netball Club in the Hume Football Netball League as a very handy defender with a wealth of experience.

He has already fitted in well to the Tigers backline and shapes as a quality player and person.

Keep on eye out for the Duck this year.


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Harley Goodwin

Jersey No. 16 (21 Games, 1 Goal)

Harley Goodwin joined the Tigers from the Lara Football Club in the Barwon League in 2019.

A talented left footer who slotted straight into the Tigers Senior squad, Harley had a strong debut for the club. He qualified for the Reserves finals campaign late in the season and was a key member of their 2019 Premiership team capping off a big first year in Queensland.

Has followed up with a strong showing in 2020 and will be looking to maintain that momentum in 2021 for the Tigers.

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Casey Barber

Jersey No. 3 (7 senior games, 1 goal)

Casey Barber was recruited from the Sandgate Football Club coming to the Tigers with a long family history with the Mayne Football Club.

The Barbers are synonomous with the club with Casey also having linkages to the Ryan family who were part of the first premiership side back in 1927 so the family are very pleased to see Casey join the Tigers.

Casey will be one to watch as he continues to develop and will be critical to the Tigers success in 2021.

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Nick Stevenson

Jersey No. 17 (New Recruit)

Nick Stevenson has been recruited from the Warrugul Football Cub as a tall athletic key defender but with the versatility to play in other key positions around the ground.

He will be one to watch as he has a handy leap and a long kick to give the Tigers a handy edge in 2021.

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Jake Magill

Jersey No. 14 (104 games, 45 goals. 71 Reserves games, 25 goals)

A key performer in the 2014 and 2015 Premiership teams who plays a strong communication and strategic role at the clearances. Overcame a terrible broken leg injury in 2013 season to make the senior side in 2014 and play a pivotal role in the club’s success ever since.

Also achieved Reserve Grade Premierships in 2016, 2019 and 2020.

Achieved much deserved 100 Senior game status in 2018. A strong club man as well.

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Corey Massingham

Jersey No. 21 (168 games, 139 goals, 57 Reserves games, 127 goals)

Inaugural Mick Nolan Medallist and youngest Mayne player to achieve 100 senior games having been recruited from Kedron Juniors as a 16 year old. Great utility player who has proven himself in roles at either end of the park and as a key forward when required. 

Premiership player in 2014. Reserve Grade Premiership player in 2015 and 2019 and Assistant Coach in 2016. Coached Reserves to Premiership in 2020. 

Corey was the League Leading Goal Kicker in the QFA Reserves Competition in 2017. Returned to the senior team for 2018 to tick over the 150 game mark. Was also awarded Life Membership of the Tigers in 2018. 

Also Mayne Under 15 Premiership Coach in 2016 in an all round club effort.

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Cameron Perkins

Jersey No. (TBA) (New Recruit)

A new recruit to the Tigers from the West Brunswick Football Club in the VAFA, Cameron Perkins shapes as an exciting new player for the club.

Perkins is a tall athletic key forward with a host of experience and credentials who will provide a prime target for the Tigers this year.

He joins the Tigers thanks to a strong relationship with some long term senior players.

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Danny Evans

Jersey No. 57 (53 senior games, 20 goals and 105 Reserve Grade games, 47 goals)

An amazing five times Graham Walters Reserve Grade Best and Fairest Medallist, Evans found a regular senior position in the 2017 and 2018 seasons and continues to be an important player in 2021.

A four times Reserves Premiership player who has been a consistent leader.

A traditional player of the pivot position he will be sure to impress the Tiger supporters once again.

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Adam Minchev

Jersey No. 10 (8 games, 1 goal, 23 Reserves Games, 21 Goals)

Adam Minchev joined the Tigers in 2017 playing a critical role in the Third Grade Premiership that year after crossing from Coorparoo.

Heavy work commitments as a Person Trainer have meant he has had limited opportunities to commit to a senior berth. He progressed to providing a role in the Tigers Reserves in 2018 and 2019 to take out another Premiership for the Tigers in that grade in 2019. He also achieved a Graham Walters Trophy for Best and Fairest in the Reserve Grade in 2018 as well as Peter Ives Players Player Award in the same year.

Played an important midfield role in the Senior group in 2020, Minchev will once again be a very handy player in 2021. 

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Seb Windsor

Jersey No. 5 (25 Games, 3 Goals)

A former Everton Junior who returned to the Tigers in 2019 to play an important running role on the wing in his senior debut season after several years playing basketball at a high level.

Played a key role in the 2016 Reserve Grade Premiership and has cemented a position in the senior team since his return and will be critical to the Tigers success in 2021.

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Jesse Gough

Jersey No. 11 (54 games, 10 Goals)

Former Mayne Junior who is blessed with plenty of speed and talent. Excels in an outside role in the midfield and forward.

Returned from a long term injury in mid 2017 and has been a permanent fixture in the seniors ever since. Will be an important running player once again in the 2021 season.

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Mitch Bruce

Jersey No. 19 (36 Senior Games and 1 goal)

A local junior who graduated through the Mayne Colts programme from 2017 to make his senior debut in 2018.

A talented attacking defender with plenty of poise and good game sense who played almost every game in 2018 and 2019. An injury interrupted 2020 season saw Mitch return through the Reserves to play in their 2020 Premiership team.

A quality individual with a big future at the Tigers.

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Byron Parish

Jersey No.35 (36 Games, 7 Goals) 

Byron Parish is a local product of the Everton Wolves who graduated to be Captain of the Mayne Colts in 2013. He made his senior debut in 2014 playing 5 games and then finishing that season with a premiership medallion in the reserve grade winning team. He backed that up in 2015 and 2016 with further reserve grade premierships.

He is a capable utility who play be a key player in 2021.

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Brent McArdle

Jersey No. 59 (30 Reserves Games, 15 Goals)

Recruited from Maroochy in 2015 to play a key role in the Tigers Reserves in that year.

A member of the Tigers Premiership Third Grade in 2017 and now a key member of the Tigers Management Committee since 2019.

Will once again look to play a key role in the Tigers 2021 season in whatever capacity required.

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Tom Eccleston

Jersey No. 47 (1 game. 7 Reserves games, 2 goals)

A former Mayne Junior who made his senior debut in 2020 after making his way through the Colts programme.

A talented utility player who has a very big future with the Tigers.

He will be sure play plenty of footy in first grade in 2021 and one to keep an eye on.

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Jono Skippen

Jersey No. TBA (New Recruit for 2021)

Former Aspley Hornet coming to the Tigers as an exciting new addition to the experienced defensive unit.

A tall strong player who will be sure to hold down a key position in the Tigers defence.

Recruited through the Tiger player network in another good sign of the club culture.

Already fitting in well at the club helping out with fund raising activities making him a new favourite at committee level.

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Josh Griffiths

Jersey No. 22 (19 games, 20 goals, 54 Reserves games 93 goals)

Former Mayne Junior who plays forward/midfield/back with incredible composure.

Played critical role in 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020 Reserves Premierships.

A key position player for the Tigers.

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Cody Caught

Jersey No. 21 (21 Games, 1 Goal)

Cody Caught returned to the Tigers in 2020 after trying his hand for the Sandgate Seahawks in the QAFL in 2019. A former Mayne Junior, Cody made his debut for the Mayne Seniors in 2018 as a sixteen year old playing most of the season in the firsts.

A handy defender, Cody is capable of playing at either end of the ground and will be a very handy again for the Tigers in 2021.

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Chas Van Leeuwin

Jersey No. 38 (8 games, 1 goal, 39 Reserves Games, 23 goals)

Local product who came through the Tigers Colts programme to be a regular Reserve Grade player with potential to make a big difference in the senior ranks.

Break out season in 2020 to take out the Runner up Best and Fairest in the Reserves and play a key role in the Tigers 2020 Premiership.

Looking stronger in 2021 as he fills out his tall frame and will once again be an important member of the playing group.

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Matt Storey

Jersey No. 26 (5 Reserves Games, 1 goals)

New recruit in 2020 transferring in to Brisbane with the Army, Storey is a tall and strong key position player.

Unlucky to sustain a significant hand injury during the season but recovered to be a critical player in the Tigers Reserves Premiership in 2020.

Will be a potential key position player or ruck in the seniors when the opportunity presents itself.

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Kyle Henry

Jersey No. 38 (6 Senior and 39 Reserves Games)

Former Mayne Junior who has been an exciting young prospect under watch for some years.

Graduated through the Tigers Colts Programme to debut in the seniors in 2018. Achieved a much deserved Premiership Medal in the Reserves 2020 team.

A tall rangy type who can play a range of tall positions. Will be keen to make the most of his opportunities in 2021. Certainly one to watch.

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Stewart Settle

Jersey No. 31 (10 Senior and 114 Reserves Games)

A strong defender who has been a life long Mayne Tiger starting in the juniors at Auskick level. Stewart is a four times Premiership Player at Reserves level playing in the 2015, 2016. 2019 and 2020 successful teams.

Due to the depth of talent at the club in the defensive part of the senior side during this era, Stew has been unable to break into the senior ranks until recent times but has been integral to the club’s depth.

An important leader for the Reserves on and off the field.

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Andy Tydink

Jersey No. 58 (4 Senior and 56 Reserves Games)

A strong defender hailing from the Ferny Grove Falcons as a junior, Andy has graduated through the Tigers Colts programme in 2016 to be a critical member of the Tigers defence in the reserves team ever since.

He was rewarded for his efforts with a Reserve Grade Premiership Medallion in 2019 and again in 2020.

Will continue to press for more senior selection given his growing experience experience.

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Nick Holleran

Jersey No. 15 (31 Senior Games and 31 Goals, 26 Reserves Games, 17 Goals)

A former Mayne Junior who graduated through the Tigers Colts programme.

A winner of the 2016 Colts Best and Fairest as a small speedy midfielder, Nick continues to impress in his senior career as a small forward.

Achieved Premiership success in the Reserves in 2019.

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Justin Moritz

Jersey No. 52 (30 Senior Games and 4 Goals, 57 Reserves Games, 25 Goals)

Experienced key position player who can play at either end of the ground. Can often be seen taking a high mark to excite the Tiger faithful

Premiership player in the Tigers Reserves in 2014, 2015, 2019 and 2020 who will continue to add some real class to the squad for 2021.

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Gus Shaw

Jersey No. 36 (31 Reserves Games)

A former Mayne Junior who has graduated through the Tigers Colts programme in 2018 to play his first full year in the Reserves in 2019 and be a member of the Reserves Premiership team. Followed it up with another Reserves Premiership medal in 2020

A tall lad with a handy leap, Gus has had an impressive start to his senior career and will be very keen to maintain the momentum in 2021.

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Hayden Peterson

Jersey No. 61 (10 Reserves games, 2 goals)

A former Mayne Junior, Hayden made his debut in the Reserves in 2020 as an impressive sixteen year old.

He took the competition by storm to play a pivotal role in the Tigers 2020 Reserve Grade Premiership.

Peterson is shaping as a utility player capable of playing at either end of the ground or in the midfield.

Tigers hierarchy are very excited about the potential of this exciting young man.

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Ryan Doolan

Jersey No. (TBA) (New recruit)

A former Everton Junior, Doolan has played all his junior football with the Wolves and has been a regular state representative.

Currently in training with the Lions Academy, Doolan will be one to watch for years to come.

Played his first game for the Tigers in the Pre-Season of 2020 as a raw fifteen year old and was very comfortable in the open company.

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Louis Quin

Jersey No. (TBA) (New Recruit)

A former Mayne Junior, Louis is the younger brother to recent Rising Star Zac Quin who will be very likely to make his debut in 2021.

Currently in training with the Lions Academy, Louis is shaping as another local player of the future.

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2021 QFA Division 1 HART Sport Cup
1 Mayne 42
2 Springwood 42
3 Coorparoo 34
4 Caloundra 34
5 Beenleigh 30
6 University of Queensland 28
7 Aspley 14


2021 QFA Division 1 HART Sport Cup Reserves
1 Coorparoo 54
2 Mayne 42
3 Caloundra 38
4 Beenleigh 30
5 University of Queensland 30
6 Springwood 20
7 Aspley 10


2021 QFA Division 3
1 Jimboomba 44
2 Morningside 40
3 Sherwood Districts 40
4 Zillmere 40
5 Maroochydore 30
6 Mayne 14
7 Ormeau 12
8 Bribie Island 4


2021 QFAW Division 2 Central
1 Jindalee 50
2 Sherwood 46
3 Redland-Victoria Point 32
4 Morningside 28
5 Mt Gravatt 28
6 Mayne 22
7 Kedron 10
8 Moreton Bay 8