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Policies and guidelines

All scorers must familiarise themselves with the policies that govern the conduct of the sport of Softball and impact them as officials of the game.

Prior to accreditation and registration, the NSC requires all Softball scorers to adhere to the Softball Australia Member Protection Policy (MPP), which features the Codes of Conduct for Scorers. The MPP has been developed in conjunction with the ASC as a resource for the protection of all members. It covers issues such as anti-discrimination and harassment, child protection, pregnancy, complaints handling and disciplinary measures.

For example, Softball Australia's Pregnancy guidelines for Associations and Clubs have been prepared to assist in managing issues involving pregnancy amongst Softball players and officials. These guidelines are based on the ASC's guidelines that support the position that the person in question should be given the opportunity to decide for herself, in consultation with her medical advisers, whether or not to participate when pregnant. 

Softball is generally played as a summer sport and it is inevitable that at times games might be played during extreme heat conditions. To assist Clubs, Associations, coaches and scorers with their duty of care obligations, Softball Australia has developed Hot Weather Guidelines which sets out guidelines minimising foreseeable risks such as dehydration, heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

In addition, in order for scorers to gain accreditation you will be required to have complied with your Member States Protection requirements, and have achieved Play by the Rules accreditation.

The NSC has also set specific scoring policy directions, including the Tournament Appointment and Quality Assurance and the NOAS Updating Policy which is useful reading for all scorers.

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Education and training

The NSC has developed invaluable resources to help assist with education and training of scoring as follows. 

Averages – A guide on how to calculate averages for individuals and teams 

Beginning Softball Scoring – Starting scoring from the beginning

Best Player Votes – Things to consider in selecting your votes for the Best Player Award

Blood Bin – The Blood Bin Rules, which are important to understand from a scoring perspective, are covered under the Softball Rulebook – Rule 4 Section 9(a) Section 9(d)

Coaches – An experienced scorer can provide the foundation for a coach to be able to determine the best possible options toward selecting a team for the field, and a strong batting line up

Double & Triple Plays – How to score a double or even triple play

DP Rule – There are a number of critical elements that will help to make scoring the DP a little clearer. It is a complicated rule, but remembering some basic fundamentals may help you understand a complex rule

Earned vs Unearned Run – All you need to know about working out the colour – green (earned run) or red (unearned)

Fielder's Choice – A fielder's choice occurs where a fielder correctly chooses to play an advance runner rather than play the batter – runner at 1st base. There are also instances where the correct play is to not make a play

Game Result – Timed/incomplete games. One of the most common questions on the ballpark is who won?

Sacrifice – A sacrifice is a tactical play that is generally used where there is a need for a runner to be advanced or scored, and generally at the expense of the batter. It can take the form of a bunt, slap hit or fly ball

Safe Hit vs Error? – This is the area that scorers will differ in because it involves the scorer's judgement or opinion as to the potential result of a play and the success or otherwise of the players in making that play

The Scorebook – Detailed explanation of the many columns found in a scorebook. Note that the order and titles of books may vary slightly

Statistics/Analysis – Tallying up the game statistics 

Symbols – Softball games are recorded through a combination of many symbols and specific to each play throughout the game. This summary provides you a listing of the symbols and their meaning.

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Scoring tools for statisticians

The following resources are available for downloads for statisticians.

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Media Report

Technology presentations

Technology Review June 2006 – Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

Web Reports and Protocols  Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

Palm Comparison – 14 July 2005

Is the stylus mighter than the pen? – 14 July 2005

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National Scoring Committee strategic planning and forum summaries

Risk Analysis – 2008

2009 Forum Summary

2008 Forum Summary

2007 Forum Summary

2006 Forum Summary

2005 Forum Summary


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Handbooks & guidelines

Tournament Chief Handbook – updated annually and forwarded to Tournament Chief Statisticians (late November)

Tournament Statisticians – guidelines updated annually and forwarded to Tournament Chief Statistician for distribution (late November)

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Game scenarios

DP & DEFO scenarios

Runner being hit by a thrown ball

Changes in the line-up at the pre-game conference

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