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FUNdamental Skills focuses on the correct mechanics and execution of fundamental softball skills and form part of our Level 1 Coach Accreditation program. These include catching a thrown ball, executing an overhand throw, fielding ground balls and fly balls, basic pitching, catching, hitting and base running technique. This resource concentrates on assisting coaches to correctly develop fundamentals softball skills in beginner level players.

Softball drills is a comprehensive resource with drills grouped into sections related to offense and defense. The guide covers a selection of drills that are used in the game of softball. Coaches are only limited by their own imagination.

Modified Games are designed to enhance the skills needed to play softball. The activities form part of theSoftball Batter Up (SBU) program. The activities are based on the Game Sense approach which is a fun and engaging to add variety to your training sessions. The modified games can be adjusted to suit all age groups.


The following resources have been provided by Cindy Bristow from Softball Coaching Excellence.

International Friendship Series
Sydney, 3-10 July 2009

Standards of Excellence
National Coaching Conference
Australian Institute of Sport, 27-9 May 2005

Coaching practice

Coaching practice involves the development of the 'how to' coach skills related to the daily coaching environment. Being able to apply and adapt what is learnt is essential to becoming a quality coach.

The prime objective of a practice session is to develop softball skills and improve team-play. There are a number of secondary objectives to be considered when planning a session, including:

  • Increasing knowledge of the rules

  • Improving team spirit

  • Developing positive self-image in players

  • Having fun

The Game Sense approach places the game centrally in the coaching session, rather than at the end. Skill development is not forgotten but is incorporated into the game situation. If a player is not experiencing success, the coach can point out other ways the player might improve chances of success. Game Sense is the central theme of the Softball Community Coaching Program (SCCP).

Inclusive coaching reinforces that inclusion is the best coaching practise, and shows that by adopting inclusive practices, both the coaches and participants will enjoy a much better experience. It is a helpful introduction to coaching, and can be used as re-accreditation points. It is also a valued component of the Levels 1, 2 and 3 NCAS Softball Accreditation courses.

Planning and reviewing a training session is a resource guide that provides an overview of long term athlete development principles used in your coaching.

As a coach you need to familiarise yourself with the rules of softball as there are many versions of the game and different levels of competition to cater for different age groups and abilities. While each of these versions share common terminology, they often have variations on the standard rules of softball.

The Official Playing Rules & Rules Case Book of Softball Australia (adapted for local conditions from the ISF Official Rules of Softball) is used for all Australian Championships, national and international events conducted or hosted by Softball Australia. You can order a copy of the Rule Book by sending an email In the case of Australian Championships, these rules are supplemented by the Australian Championship Regulations.

Softball Australia has developed many policies for the improvement of the sport, and the policy most relevant to coaches is the Member Protection Policy. In particular, coaches should refer to the Coaches Code of Conduct within this policy as it outlines you duty of care and roles and responsibilities.


Updated 30 July 2014


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