Coaches & Managers


Apollos appoint all club Coaches and search for the best possible person to lead our teams. Occasionally we rely on suitably qualified parents or relatives filling these vital roles. Good clear communication between Coaches and Team Managers, and in turn with the parents is essential for the smooth and efficient running of our Apollos teams. Generally, the managerial position is separate to the coaching position, however, we do not always have that luxury.



The Coach's role is vital to the sound functioning of the team. He/she is responsible for training the team, teaching both basketball and sportsmanship skills. The Coach develops their players’ skills and knowledge of Basketball. He/she also offers plenty of encouragement and positive feedback. It is also the Coach's responsibility to nurture a positive team environment and to build a good rapport with the parents. Match day coaching requires the fair, even substitution of players into the game. Some very basic reporting on the players abilities, as witnessed throughout the season, back to the club is also desired. Coach's are pivotal role models for our children and coach's and parents must display exemplary behaviour in accordance with the "Willetton Way".


Team Managers

The Team Manager's role is also very important. The Manager ensures the scoring computer has only the players playing each particular game ticked. He/she is responsible for the collection of shirts after every game and the organising of team scoring rosters. The Manager and the Coach work together to get things organised for the team. 


Coaching courses, training and support are also offered throughout the season to ensure everyone is confident in their roles. 


All coaches over 18 must apply for and receive a "Working with Children" Clearance.