Uniforms & Equip

Basketball Uniforms 

A uniform is required for junior players on game days, comprising a numbered Roadies basketball singlet and Willetton Tigers basketball shorts.  

Roadies Basketball Club will provide your child with a basketball singlet on loan for the duration of the basketball season.  These singlets remain the property of the Roadies Basketball Club and must be returned in good condition at the end of the basketball season (or sooner for players exiting teams before season end).  Singlets which are lost, damaged or not returned will be charged to the player.

Willetton Tigers basketball shorts (black) can be purchased from the Willetton Basketball Stadium.


Roadies Basketball Club strongly recommends the use of fitted mouthguards for game days.  Mouthguards can be purchased from your local chemist and moulded to fit yourself, or professionally moulded and fitted by your dentist.  Private health funds will usually cover a reasonable portion of the cost of mouthguards if using one of your health fund's preferred dentists.

Other Requirements

The Junior Bylaws also outline further uniform policies for game days - please visit the Junior Bylaws for more discussion in this area.

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