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2021 Season starts 11th April

 please contact your clubs for further info or if you want to find a Team please message us on facebook or send an email to us 


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Take a look at the top 10 health and wellness benefits of playing softball according to Health Fitness Revolution. 

Provides total body conditioning: Unlike other sports, softball is an activity that requires multiple skills, and therefore provides total body conditioning. Running, swinging, fielding and throwing all require a coordinated effort from numerous muscles throughout the body.

Anaerobic benefits and strength: Every single action in softball is an explosive action. Hitting, throwing, quick lateral movements, jumps off the bases and others are all explosive. In addition, softball players need throwing power and acceleration power. A base in overall body strength and maximal strength is also important; it serves as a foundation to build muscular power. Some muscular endurance is also beneficial, especially for pitchers....MORE


Notice Board


11th April  Fixture 1
18th April Fixture 2

25th April

 No Fixture
2nd May  No Fixture
9th May  Fixture 3
16th May  Fixture 4
23rd May Fixture 5
30th May   Fixture 6
6st June  Fixture 7
13th June  Fixture 8
20th June Fixture 9
27th  June  Fixture 10
4th July  Fixture 11
11th July  Fixture 12
18th July   Fixture 13

25th July

Fixture 14
1st August Fixture 15
8th August

No Fixtures

15th August

1st Semi Final

22nd August

2nd Semi

29 August

Grand Final



Tuesday 2nd February 6:30pm
Tuesday 2nd March 6:30pm Zoom
Tuesday 6th April 6:30pm Face to Face
Tuesday 4th May 6:30pm Zoom
Tuesday 1st June 6:30pm
Tuesday 6th July 6:30pm
Tuesday 3rdAugust 6.30pm
Tuesday 7th September 6.30pm
Tuesday 5th October 6.30pm
Tuesday 2nd November 6.30 pm

NB-Meeting dates/times may be moved or cancelled based on necessity and/or committee quorum capability.

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