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1. Northern Inland Premier League

Northern Inland Premier League - 1st Grade
Northern Inland Premier League - Reserve Grade

2. Namoi

Namoi Premier League First Grade
Namoi Premier League Reserve Grade

3. Armidale Local Competitions

Armidale Women's Premier League
Armidale Local 1st Grade
Armidale Local 2nd Grade
Armidale Under 15/16's
Under 14's Division A
Under 14's Division B
Under 12's Division A
Under 12's Division B
Armidale Under 10/11's
Armidale Under 9's
Armidale Under 8's
Armidale Under 7's
Armidale Under 6's

4. Tamworth Local Competitions

Tamworth Women's Premier League
Tamworth Women's Division 2
Tamworth Division 3
Tamworth Division 4
Under 15/16's
Under 14's
Under 13's
Under 12's
Under 11's
Under 10's
Girls Under 8-9
Under 9's
Under 8's
Girls Under 5-7
Under 7's
Under 6's
Under 5's

5. Gunnedah Competitions

Gunnedah Under 5/6
Gunnedah Under 7's
Gunnedah Under 8's
Gunnedah Under 9's
Gunnedah Under 10/11's
Gunnedah Under 12/13's
Gunnedah Girls
Gunnedah Under 14-16's

6. Tamworth Summer Football

Summer Under 5's
Summer Under 6/7's
Summer Under 8-9's
Summer Under 11's
Summer Under 12's
Summer Under 13's
Summer Under 14's
Summer Under 16's
Summer Women's
Men's Pool A
Men's Pool B
Mixed Pool A
Mixed Pool B

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