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Basketball Activities Suspended During Lockdown


COVID-19 Safety Plan

SBA is registered as COVIDsafe.
The latest update to this COVIDsafe plan was completed on friday 29th January 2021.more

SBA Constitution // 2020 Update

Please find within this article the updated Constitution for Shoalhaven Basketball.more

Competition Rules & By-Laws

Please find within this article our domestic competition rules, policies & by-laws.more

SBA Social Media Policy

Social media is changing the way we communicate.more

Active Kids Rebate


Let kids be kids

See attached for articlesmore

Shoalhaven Basketball Association - BNSW Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws

Shoalhaven Basketball Association has adopted the BNSW Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws. These take effect from 13 April 2017 and replace all previous Disciplinary Tribunal By-Laws. A full copy is available on the document attached.more

Play By the Rules

Please check out the link below for some words of wisdom...Let kids be kids
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