16th Annual Sports Award Banquet Awardees

The Palau National Olympics Committee held the 16th Annual Sports Awards at the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center on April 27, 2017. Palau's best athletes along with Coaches, Officials and Volunteers of the year were honored at this special evening with Palau National Olympic Committee President Frank Kyota and the Keynote speaker Honorable Senator Stevenson Kuartei, MD with hundreds of family members, sponsors, supporters and fans at one of the year's most anticipated events.

Here were the Awardees

Sponsor of the Year – Mr. Taffok Etpison

Mr. Taffok Etpison, has been our sponsor for the last 3 years and has help Archery with equipment, like targets, bows and arrows. He has also helped us develop a relationship with Cliffside Hotel.

Corporate Sponsor of the Year – Cliff Side Hotel

Cliffside Hotel has been providing financial support and through Mr. Lian-Sheng Chi has given Archery Association 22 professional targets and 15 practice targets as well as 100 arrows that we have been using for the past Belau Games and for practice.

Male Athlete of the Year – Rodman Teltull
Rodman Teltull has excelled through the 3 year time he spent at the High Performance Training Center in Gold Coast, Australia. He’s been ranked 2nd fastest Runner in Oceania, and in 2016 Micronesian Area Championships, he set the new Micronesian Area Championships record, and won 2 gold medals in the 100m and 200m, and lead Palau to silver in the 4x100m and bronze 4x400m.
He retuned back to Gold Coast after the competition in June from Pohnpei and continued training till the Olympic Games in Rio, which is his 2nd Olympic Games experience, where he clocked 10.53 sec in the 100m, qualified to Round 1, and had to compete amongst the top 100m qualifiers around the world where he ranked 63 out of 69 qualifiers.

Female Athlete of the Year – Iyesha Bieb Umayam

1st Time she competed in the Sub-regional event in Pohnpei in 2016 and competed in the Under 18 sprints and won gold medal in both 100m and 200m, and her records was even faster than the open 100m & 200m Open Division. 
 She’s a very potential runner for Palau and hopefully we’ll be able to see her excel more in the near future.

Volunteer of the Year – Richard Silmai

Rich has been helping the Association with the development of the athletes. We use his gym twice a week, where he’s there to help with gym workout for the athletes free of charge and we appreciate this assistance and support from Mr. Richard Silmai.

Coach of the Year – Alvino Kenty

Alvino Kenty is a teacher from Belau Modekngei School and PTFA recognize his effort in putting a team and participate in all the track and field and cross country events for high school level. BMS will show up in all the competition, and participate because of the support they get from the school and especially Mr. Kenty.
If we had the sportsmanship award, we’ll award it to him and the school, as the important thing for Mr. Kenty and the school is participation and we can really see that they are trying their best all the time, and that’s what we’re promoting, seeing the students come out and try, and thanks to Mr. Kenty.

Coach of the Year – Ngewakl Soaladaob

During the preparation for the Micronesian Area Championships, Ngewakl is always around to help with the athletes training sessions, and he was supposed to handle the management part of the team to Micronesian Area Champs, but ended up coaching the team as well. For a first time coaching experience, he made sure all the runners where well taken care of and ready for each day we competed in Pohnpei. He’s still very active in the sport and not only with coaching, he also helps PTFA run all the competitions within school and in the community.

Official of the Year – Charley Ellis

Charley was selected as one of the top starter official in 2015 and in 2016 OAA covered for his cost to officiate the events during the Micronesian Area Championships in Pohnpei. He was the official started in the sprint finals during the championships in Pohnpei and he also organizes all the events locally, with the Walk for life events, High School Cross Country events and Elementary and High School Track and Field Competitions.
He is now working with the Association through WIOA program and hopefully, we’ll be able to send him to attend more officials training course in the near future as he’s very dependable, responsible, and very humble person, and PTFA appreciates all his help.

Sponsor of the year – Blue Bay Petroleum Inc.

Blue Bay donated $1,000 to support our team to attend the Micronesian Area Championships in Pohnpei in 2016 and has been very supportive of PTFA events and activities. PTFA appreciates all the support that Blue Bay provides every year to support our programs.

Sponsor of the Year – Surange & Sons Company

Surangel & Sons Co. donated $1,500.00 to support our team to attend the Micronesian Area Championships in Phonpei in 2016 and again, PTFA appreciates all the support and assistance we receive from these various companies.

Male Athlete of the Year – Avery Amos & Nathan Nero
Avery has the best stats on batting, fielding and pitching on both 2016 PML and PNBL Season. He was an ace pitcher and utility player on the 2016 Micronesian Baseball Classic.
Nathan played with Airai Ace, performed exceptionally well during regular season, play off, and championship games. He played with Team Palau to Jeju, South Korea invitation. Palau placed 3rd out of 10 teams.
Volunteer of the Year – Ryosuke Oba & Roger Modechel
Mr. Oba has been maintaining and preparing the field for the game and after the game. He also train the national team and do basic drills and skills after school program. He also do school visits.
Roger Modechel has been helping preparing Asahi ball field before each games, clean inside and outside of stadium and organized scoreboard keepers.
Coach of the Year – Patrick Martin & Sano Sakurai
Patrick is dedicated baseball coach of team Ngerbeches 2016 PML and team Peleliu 2016 PNBL Season.
As a coach of Airai Ace, Sano has earned his team 5 championship for the last 5 years.
Technical Official of the Year – Clay Saridel & Cleofas Iyar
Clay Saridel was official on both 2016 PML and PNBL Season
Cleofas organized and record keeping all Palau Major League statistics of all games and players.
Sponsor of the Year – Koror State Government & WCTC
Koror State Government sponsors most of the teams that participate on both 2016 PML and PNBL Season
WCTC has been consistently sponsors other Palau Major League teams for more than 10 years. 
Corporate Sponsor of the Year – Blue Bay Petroleum Inc.
Blue Bay Petroleum Inc. has been the corporate sponsor for the national teams and local leagues for 2016 baseball events and also been sponsoring Palau Major League for the longest time ever. 
Male Athlete of the Year – Ray Rumong

2016 NBL Champion, Ngermid Rivals Team. He was the Finals MVP.

Female Athlete of the Year - Chantal Vandeberg

2016 WNBL Champion playing for Sam's Kryptonite team. She's also part of the Senior National Women's Basketball Team.

Volunteer of the Year - Ulai Kyota

Supervisor for the Palau Basketball Referee Association, and Basketball Tournament Director for the 2016 BYGF.

Coach of the Year - Weston Ketebengang

Coached Ngerbeched, 2016 BYGF Champion, Coached Peched team, 2016 ABL champions. Also coached the women's national basketball team.

Technical Official of the Year - Jose Meltel

Officiated various Championship games under the Palau Basketball Federation.

Junior Referee of the Year - Danyang Rengulbai

Officiated semi-finals and finals games under the Palau Basketball Federation.

Table Official of the Year - Marianne Lomongo

PBRA Supervisor and table official.

Sponsor of the Year – Rudimch Enterprise, Koror State Government, Koror State Youth Council, Surangel & Sons Co. and India Aid Grant Fund from the Office of the President

Rudimch Enterprise - sponsors the Government Business League

Koror State Government - sponsors teams in the various leagues under PBF and sponsored the 2016 BYGF

Koror State Youth Council - sponsors teams in the various leagues under PBF and sponsored the 2016 BYGF

Surangel & Sons Co. - sponsors teams in various leagues under PBF, Official sponsor of the WNBL and women's national basketball teams.

India Aid Grant Fund from the Office of the President. - supported school and development programs

Corporate Sponsor of the Year - IP&E

Supports Palau Basketball Federation programs by donating $10,000 annually. Also sponsors the national basketball teams.

Male athlete of the year - Joseph Joe Carlos
Joe has been actively involved in Canoe as a paddler for more than 9years. He was more active in all recreational programs and national activities in all canoe events in 2017. He showed determination and strong improvement as one of key team player in the national program for Canoe in 2016 and we expect to continue to a leader athlete the program.

Female athlete of the year - Chelsea Fresse

A key paddler in the junior division and one of the strongest youngest paddler in the canoe. Chelsea represented Palau well in junior events especially during the international race of Micro Cup. She has represented Palau in micro cup events around the region and national events in Palau.

Volunteer of the year – Venancius Kloulubak

Venancius helps with all canoe programs in setting up tents, delivery of water, including helping out in all the events at Meyuns.

Coach of the year – Tino Faatuuala

Tino's more than 20 years in paddling and training program for Team Palau continues to display in the 2016 as he trained his team to victory during the Micro Cup event 2016.

Sponsor of the year – Drop Off Bar & Grill

Drop off sponsored the Micro Cup Event and other canoe event investing more than 20,000 worth of in kind donations to the sports of canoe.

Corporate Sponsor of the year – Surangel & Sons Company (Mercury Section)

Recognized for their contribution to the Micro Cup event that brought in more than 300 paddlers from different countries.

CAP Special Award, 2016 Rio Olympic Games – Marina Toribiong

Marina is awarded this special award for her determination and success at the Rio 206 program were she excelled to semi-finals in her events.


Male Athlete of the Year – Jinkai Chen

Female Athlete of the Year – Dawn Rechemang

Volunteer of the Year – Onyango Nasser Okoth

Coach of the Year – Erica C. Ongalibang

Corporate Sponsor of the Year – NECO Plaza

Photographer of the Year – Baburam Adsikari


Male Athlete of the Year – Patrick Pedro

Outstanding performance at Guam Mitsumoto tournament and Japan Kodokan Summer Courses. Excellent attendance in Judo Class and always willing to take the lead during class. A very good example to younger and new students.

Female Athlete of the Year – Keiza Tulop

Gold Medal at Guam Mitsumoto Tournament, Excellent attendance, assisting sensei during class, good example to Judo students and excellent performance on and off the mat.

Volunteer of the Year – Marlene Aguon

Team Support at Guam Mitsumoto Tournament, Kodokan Summer Course, Japan and always willing to assist in all activities.

Sponsor of the Year – Surangel and Sons Co.

Support all Judo Activity

Male Athlete of the Year – Zidane Skang Andres

National Schools MVP for Central Schools is 14 years of age, a pitcher a first base and or any position.

Male Athlete of the Year – Kenneth Malsol Ngiraswei

National Schools MVP for Non Central Schools is 14 years of age, Short stop in position.

Female Athlete of the Year – Nyaa Moses

National Schools MVP is 14 years of age that plays as a pitcher, first, second and third base.

Volunteer of the Year – Jason Lee Pedro

Dedicated, commitment and a valuable asset for PSF volunteers. He ensured the playing field, bleachers and dugout area is equipped and ready to receive athletes and coaches for the 2016 Youth Fast-pitch League. Volunteers in scoring, calling games and at times base umpire. Jason deserves the nomination

Coach of the Year – Rueben Ubedei Inawo, Jr.

Mr. Inawo led his team to the National School championship and won. Mr. Inawo is a PE teacher at Meyuns Elem. School and coach for team MES. His goal is to teach his students and young children to play sports.

Coach of the Year – Einer Kebekol

Mr. Kebekol is a 43 years of age and a Coach for team Ngerchelong Elementary School. Mr. Kebekol Target achievement is to use sports as a tool to promote health and fitness.

Sponsor of the Year – Koror State Government

Koror State Government sponsored 7 hamlet women/men teams to the 2016 Youth Fast-pitch League. As a sponsor covered their team registration fees and KSG has been a continuous sponsor of PSF for the past 5 years.


Male Athlete of the Year - Noel Keane

10 National Records set, with two top 8 finishes at Oceania Championships

Female Athlete of the Year - Osisang Chilton

4 Short Course and 4 Long Course National Records, among top 8 in the 5K at Oceania

Volunteer of the Year - Annabel Lyman

She has, and continues to put in a great deal of time and effort into our program through her organizing skills, countless hours writing up grants, as well as timing and registration help at all of our key events

Coach of the Year - Nicolle Fagan

Helps out wherever she can, but predominately runs the younger kids program in our Swim Lessons, as well as helps out with Outreach, School, and Special programs

Coach of the Year - Jimmy Jonas

Has increased the "Lionfish" group up from 5 kids to 20 in the past year, as well as been an integral part of our ocean safety for our Open Water Team

Technical Official of the Year - Judy Otto

Open Water and Pool Technical Official at Oceania Championships, as well as Medical Congress attendee at World Championships

Sponsor of the Year - NECO Plaza

NECO Plaza continues to help sponsor every year through donations as well as public relations and advertising support for the Association's activities throughout the year

Corporate Sponsor of the Year - Surangel and Sons Company

Their donation covers the chemicals needed to keep the pool safe and healthy for everyone to enjoy

Photographer of the Year - Roylin Akiwo

She is always taking Coach's camera and taking great action shots of the team while they race. She also loves taking pictures of the swim lessons, and school programs


Male Athlete of the year – Ton Lomisang Asanuma-Perez

Ton Anthony Lomisang Asanuma-Perez is an up and coming tennis player. Ton, who has been playing tennis since he was 3 years of age, competed against the very best junior players in the summer of 2016 in Saipan during the annual Pacific Regional championships. Throughout 2016 he has continued his daily training under the coach Ernestine Rengiil to prepare for regional tournaments and looks forward to represent Palau yet again in the Pacific Regional Tournament in Guam this summer. Ton hopes to improve his standing in Guam this summer and to make it to the North Pacific Oceania Junior Championships.

Female athlete of the year – Ngelittle Omakreng Silmai

Ngelittle Omakreng Silmai is an 11 years old up and coming female tennis player who has been playing tennis since the tender age of 7. In June of 2016, at 10 years of age she traveled to Saipan where she represented Palau in Pacific Regional Championships where she earned the right to represent Palau at North Pacific Oceania Junior Championships in Fiji in August 2016.

Ms. Ngelittle continues to improve her game by practicing daily under the coaching of Ernestine Rengiil and looks forward to represent Palau again in the Pacific Regional Championships in Guam in June. She is training hard, hoping her training will be enough to earn her a spot with the team for North Pacific Oceania Junior Championships later on in the summer. Ms. Ngelittle is a 5th grade student at Seventh Day Elementary school where she has manages to maintain very good grades despite her busy daily tennis practice schedule.

Volunteer of the year – Mayumi Fuji

Mayumi Fuji, herself a tennis enthusiast. She is being nominated for tennis volunteer of the year award for the many hours that she spends in and around the tennis courts volunteering and assisting with tennis activities. Whether it be a fund-raising activities to raise funds for junior players to go off-island for tournaments or assisting with tournaments held locally or practicing with players. Mayumi can be counted on to be there to help out.

Coach of the year – Ernestine K. Rengiil

Her name is synonymous with Tennis, not just in our Republic but across Micronesia and now Oceania. She has been a student of the sport, standout athlete of her sport and forever the ambassador of tennis, competition, and sportsmanship. For the past many years she has pushed these traits and many others towards Palau junior tennis players. The success of Junior Tennis players and tennis in general would not be possible without Coach Rengiil.

Sponsor of the year – Surangel & Sons Co. & Koror State Government

Palau Tennis Federation nominates both Surangel & Sons Company and Koror State Government for 2016 Palau sponsor of the year for their continued support and contributions and donations to Palau Tennis Federation which enable PTF to send junior tennis players to off –island for regional tournaments such as in Guam, Saipan and Fiji.

Both Surangel & Sons Co. and Koror State Government have been generous donors over the years and PTF is indebted to these organizations and would like to give them this honor as a way to express our gratitude and indebtedness to them. Thank you Surangel & Sons Co. and Koror State Government.

Volunteer of the Year - Koror State Youth Division

The Koror State Youth division has assisted the Triathlon Federation in hosting its biggest event in December by providing road water stations and assistance during the cycling and run portion of the event.

Volunteer of the Year - Koror State Rangers

Koror State Rangers have been our partner for years in setting up the swimming course and providing water safety assistance for the swimmers during every event.

Technical Official of the Year - Palau Track & Field Association

For the past years the Palau Track & Field Association has assisted the Triathlon Federation with their biggest event of the year in December as timers under the supervision of Pasquana Flowers. Through the years they have built their capacity in officiating and timing for which they were able to supervise on their own the event last year.

Sponsor of the Year - Surangel & Sons Company

Surangel & Sons has been our partner for the past years and have generously sponsored t-shirts each year during the Triathlon’s biggest event in December.

Corporate of the Year - IP&E

As a corporate sponsor IP&E has been Triathlon’s partner for years providing monetary contribution that supports the Triathlon’s biggest event in December and all its programs throughout the year.

Corporate Sponsor of the Year - Palau Pacific Resort

PPR has been an important partner for Triathlon by providing its world class resort as a venue for its biggest event in December for the past years drawing in world class athletes and over 40 to 50 participants from Japan and elsewhere. PPR continues its support by sponsoring the awards ceremony reception.


Male Athlete of the Year: Mr. Harris Ubedei 
 Mr. Ubedei led his team Originals to the final of the 2016 PVF Open League with an extremely performance both defense and offense. 
Female Athlete of the Year: Ms. Holly Yamada 
Ms. Holly Yamada aka fly girl came back to the volleyball court after a year and half of maternity leave. She is the strongest female player not just in Palau but in the Micronesian region. She gives back by taking the role as the head coach of the first Under 19 Junior Boys National Team.

Volunteer of the Year: Viola Francis

Ms. Viola Francis Is a dedicated, devoted mother of Mauru Ngirmechaet, a son who is quite active in 19 and Under Junior National Volleyball Team. She lives in Melekeok and drives her son to volleyball practices and has never missed a practice since the National team began in 2016. She stands out as a parent who stays with her son during practice, helps and assists coaches retrieve balls and cleans the gym after practice. She is a great role model for all parents in our community, the Palau Volleyball Federation and to the kids. She is not an athlete, but a parent of an athlete who has given so much support to her son.
Coach of the Year: Ms. Hermana Idip 
Hermana led her men’s team to the championship for the past 3 years and finally the year 2016 was her blessed year by winning a Gold for Men’s division and Bronze for her Women’s Team.

Tech Official of the Year: Lily Kerradel

Ms. Lily Kerradel enhanced her referee techniques by refereeing the high school games and by 2016 PVF Open League she took the honor as the 1st referee for both Men and Women’s game and none of the team once questioned her call. PVF congratulates her efforts!

Libero of the Year: Mr. Allyn Ngirchorachel

Mr. Allyn Ngirchorachel is a member of the first Under 19 Junior National Boys Team. Libero’s role is a defensive player that controls the back row for defense. PVF recognize his hard work by learning the role of libero in less than 2 months before departed to Yap, FSM for junior regional tournament.

Sponsor of the Year: Belau Force

PVF 2016 Sponsor of the Year goes to Belau Force! The Community based organization that knew the Federation struggled to fundraise to send the junior team off island for regional championship, therefore they conducted a fundraising and presented $2,500.00.

Corporate Sponsor of the Year: Surangel and Son’s Company

Has been a great supporter and sponsor to PVF. Surangel and Sons donated more than $5,000 to support the programs and our Under 19 Junior National Boys team.


Male Athlete of the Year – Mr. Florian Skilang Temengil 
- 2016 Oceania Championship Gold Medalist in the Freestyle mens 125kg division 
- Africa/Oceania Olympic Qualifier in Algiers, Africa Bronze Medalist 
- Final Olympic Qualifying Tournament held in Istanbul, Turkey – Ranked 19th Overall in the FS Men’s 125kg Weight Division. 
- Rio 2016 Olympic Games – Team Palau Flag Bearer, Olympian and athlete, Temengil competed in the mens 125kg division against Daniel Leigti of Hungary. 
Volunteer of the Year – Skarlee Renguul 
Always on time to wrestling mat, sweeping, mopping and running errands on behalf of the team. Volunteering his time to help assist with wrestling programs in schools as an assistant coach.

Coach of the Year – Young Ho, Ko 
- Head Coach at the 2016 Oceania Championship in New Zealand, Head Coach at the Africa / Oceania Olympic Qualification in Africa 
- Head Coach at the Final Olympic Qualifying Tournaments in Turkey 
- Head Coach at the Rio Olympic Games 
- National Coach of Palau Wrestling Team
Technical Official of the Year – Ismael Aguon 
- 1 out of 2 referees for Palau that is certified International Referee for United World Wrestling 
- Officiated the Beach Wrestling Tournament on Independence Day 
- Always takes the time to referee and share rules with team athletes and players.
Sponsor of the Year – Palau Pacific Resort, The Etpison Foundation, HANPA, Office of the President, and Landmark Hotel

Corporate Sponsor of the Year – WCTC 
- WCTC have been able to sponsor team uniforms and the cost of travel in attending the regional and international competition.

Photographer of the Year – Uilau Ilebrang Tarkong 
- She was able to assist in taking photos during practice and also video tape the matches.

Table Tennis

PNOC Award

Male Athlete of the year – Rodman Teltull
Female Athlete of the year – Marina Toribiong
Volunteer of the the year – Ulai Kyota
Coach of the year – Ernestine Rengiil
Technical Official of the year – Ismael Aguon
Sponsor of the year – Blue Bay Petroleum Inc.
Corporate Sponsor of the year – Surangel & Sons Co.

Special Recognition Award - Rio Olympic Games
Frida Delmau – Chef de Mission
Dirrengulbai Misch
Rodman Teltull
Florian Skilang Temengil
Shawn Dingelius
Marina Toribiong
Debra Toribiong
Billy Brown
Young Ho Ko
John Tarkong Jr.
Anthony Fairweather

2016 Swimming Athletes who Broke the National Records
Noel Keane
Shae Gayman
Shawn Dingelius
Dirrengulbai Misch
Roylin Akiwo
Osisang Chilton


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