SSSA 2020 Open Women’s State Champs wrap up

SSSA Open Women's 2020

SSSA 2020 Open Women’s - State Championship.

Firstly, the opportunity to Coach this team for the SNSW Open Women’s State Championship was a phone call I received from Stacey McManus asking if I would Coach, she said she would get a team together, a couple of weeks later we had the team and so began our training in preparation for the State Championships. Thank you Stacey for your continued efforts to ensure SSSA competes at SNSW State championships.
There are a few people that need to be thanked for their commitment and support in preparing our team to be very competitive to meet the challengers in claiming the honour of being the State Champions for 2020.

Cindy McManus - Manager.
I asked Stacey if Cindy would be our Manager, we had a wonderful relationship where I knew she would have everything organised that required her expertise which allowed me to concentrate on what I needed to concentrate on in preparation for the championship. Immediately she organised everything that we all needed, uniforms, numbers, payments, registrations, and ran numbers boards so that the player costs to play was reduced substantially by less than 50% of the original cost. It was indeed regrettable that Cindy was unable to be with us at the State Championship when due to heavy rain the championship was rescheduled to a later date. On behalf of the whole team, thank you Cindy for everything you did for us.

Kellie Parker - Score / Manager.
The most relaxed, non stressed Scorer who always seemed to be in control regardless of the chaos going on around her, multiple changes, substitutes, re- entries etc. Kellie took on the role of Manager when Cindy had to pull out and continued to follow up all the managerial tasks relating to COVIDSAFE requirements for the championship. Absolute pleasure having you with our team Kellie, you are one of the best.

Shadae - Assistant Scorer.
Well done Shadae, can I say whenever I went to gather information in relation to our team or the opposition I often checked Shadae and she was spot on with her response to my query. I must also say that her scorebook was extremely neat and very clear to read. So proud of you Shadae. On behalf of every player and official thank you and well done.

Danielle Palma - Manager.
Thank you Danielle for coming in at the last minute to help our team as the Manager so that Kelly could concentrate on Scoring. Thank you for always making many of the players and me laugh throughout the championship with your off the cuff comments. Thank you from everyone in our team.

Neil Toohey - Assistant Coach.
When you accepted the role to be a part of the Coaching team, your support and commitment to our program was outstanding. Your 100% attendance to our training programs definitely contributed to our excellent fielding statistics. (Total Defensive Innings = 277) for (Errors = 13)
As on diamond coach at 1st base your ability to read play was excellent. At 3rd base we discussed some strategic plays which could be considered pending the situation, runners on base and batter in the box.
You were outstanding as our Assistant Coach and I am sure that every player appreciated everything you did for them. Thank you Neil.

Barry Rumsey - Assistant Coach.
Without a doubt one of the best Coaches in Australia, his ability to read the game and situations is why I asked him to help me Coach our ladies, when he advised he wasn’t sure he could commit due to his other commitments I asked that if and when he could I would like him with our team. Barry attended more trainings than I expected and his skill based knowledge was always well received by the players.
At the championship, his knowledge and understanding of our team and the opposition players was outstanding, ensuring in great battles for the win.
Often Baz would feed information on strategic changes or substitutions for consideration, many of times during the games these changes would take place with positive outcomes. I know every player loved you being involved with our team Baz and we all appreciate your involvement with our team.

SSSA 2020 Open Women’s Team;
As the Head Coach of this team, I am full of pride and admiration for the efforts and commitment of every player to give the best they could during this championship. The level of competition was extremely close between (6) Associations with each of the (6) teams relying on their last games to confirm the grand finalists.
Although it was not the outcome we wanted, (13) of the 15 players played no less than (16) innings in either offence or defence of the six games.
It is with regret that both Bronte and Grace did not receive the amount of playing innings that I had expected them to play and hope that they were provided great advice and learning from the experienced players.
Our teams defence was outstanding: (Defensive Inn = 277) (Error = 13)
Unfortunately our Offensive was not as what was expected. (AVE = .176)

There was definitely some of the outstanding performances of several players for which I think is worthy of mentioning;
Shannon Keevers: 
Fielding Average = 1000 
Best Batting Average = .333 
Best On Base Average = .438

Jayde Jensen:
Fielding Average = 1000
On Base Average= .750

Sarah Diener:
Fielding Average =1000
Batting Average =.273
On Base Average =.364

Finally, thank you to each and every person involved with our team, it has been an honour and a privilege to be your Coach, I hope that you all continue to play this great game for the love and enjoyment that it brings from being involved with people you enjoy being with.

Take care and stay safe. Charlie.


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