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Casey Softball Association was formed in 1971 where games were played at Betula Reserve Doveton. We then moved to our current premises at Sweeny Reserve, Melzak Way Berwick.

We currently run a Summer competition on Saturdays from October to December then February till April. 

Casey Softball Association has a number of clubs catering for all ages and abilities. 




Junior - Competition for Under 13 and Under 15 Boys and Girls

Senior - Competition for Social, B Grade and A Grade Men and Women


Softball Batterup Tee ball - Mixed Competition for ages 5-12 years of age. Played Saturday mornings Ocober to December and February to March. Ideal for entry level into the sport.



Social softball describes any form of softball where the social aspects of the game are promoted more so than the competitive aspects. That is not to say that social softball competitions can’t be played, but when they are, the general atmosphere of the games are relaxed and friendly. Often, the rules of the game are modified to enhance the social aspects.


Slowpitch softball, where the ball is pitched on an arc – leading to a game with more hits and less pitcher domination – is often played in a social environment. Slowpitch softball is the most popular form of softball in the US and Canada, with millions of participants. This form of the game is not widely played in Australia, however is growing in popularity.


Softball Australia’s modified version of the game, Social 7s, is slowpitch with a number of rules designed to enhance the social aspects and create a game that is fast, fun and easy to play.


Some of the features of Social 7s include:


  • 7-a-side social mixed softball
  • Every player bats each inning
  • A new pitcher each inning
  • Every base gained is worth a run
  • Short duration- simplified rules
  • Ball is pitched slower, more hits





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