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New South Wales State League Football Referees Inc.

Established in 1958 after the formation of the NSW Federation of Football Clubs, the NSW State League Football Referees Inc is the premier refereeing body for Football (soccer) in New South Wales providing quality refereeing services for professional and semi-professional football competitions within New South Wales.

We are proud to offer an unrivalled gathering of talent - which includes several current and former FIFA Referees and Assistant Referees - so that we can share that experience as we help you along the pathway for development to the pinnacle of your craft.

If you want to develop your skills to take you to the best football in NSW on the pathway between grassroots football and the A-League - and even FIFA - then this is the place for you! 

Come in and join us! 


Existing members check your email for pre-season instructions.


Interested in joining us? Send us an email! hello@nswfootballreferees.au 


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