Sungold Milk U18 Equalisation Policy






The following rules apply to the Sungold Milk Under 18 competition.



1.    All clubs must have equal players on the field at the commencement of the game and there can only be three (3) players on the interchange (players cannot be added throughout the game to create an unfair advantage).



2.    There can be no more than 21 players on any one day throughout the minor round of home and away matches.



3.    There must be 28 registered players taking the field, split into 14 players per team to constitute a game for points e.g. team A may have 11 players and team B 17 players, as long as team B loans 3 players to team A so that there are 14 players per side.



4.    In the event of a team having 17 players or less in the Sungold Milk Under 18 competition, the club with the greater numbers, if requested by the opposition team, must share players to the club with the least number of players. If the club with the higher number of players refuses to share players, then they will be deemed the club that has forfeited the match and all penalties shall be applied to that club.



5.    In the event of a forfeit the CEO of the WBFL must be advised no later than 8:30pm on the Thursday preceding the game.



6.    It is the responsibility of the Sungold Milk Under 18 coaches to communicate directly with each other to ensure that there is a game played on the allocated rounds.



7.    The player(s) that are “shared” from opposition clubs must be clearly marked on the team sheets.



8.    All votes and personal statistics of the “shared” player(s) will be counted towards his home club for club and league honours e.g. Goalkicking, B&F.



9.    Players must be under the age of 18 as at January 1st in that year to be eligible to play in this competition, except where an over-age permit has been granted by the League Executive.



10.  Where borrowed players are ‘rotated’ to the opposition during a game, the umpires must be made fully aware of which player is playing for the opposition, and during which quarter and the number that player is wearing.



























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