Founded 1986

SADB is a member of the Australian Defence Force Basketball Association (ADFBA)

2013 SAPES Bronze Medallists (Div 1) 
2013 SAPES Bronze Medallists (Div 2) 
2012 SAPES Bronze Medallists (Div 1) 
2012 Ball Above All Div 2 Champions 
2012 SAMG Men's Silver Medallists 
2012 ADFBA Men's Grand Finalist 
2011 ADFBA Women's Grand Finalist 
2011 SAMG Men's Gold Medallists 
1994 ADFBA Men's Champions 
1993 ADFBA Men's Champions 

South Australian Defence Basketball (SADB)
co-ordinates basketball activities for Australian
Defence Force personnel in South Australia.

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