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Central Hakwes Bay Adults
Hastings Y5&6 Div 2
Hastings Y5&6 Div 3


Adult Spring Social
Napier Y3&4 Div 2
Napier Y3&4 Div 3
Napier Y3&4 Div 4
Womens Adult Spring Social


Central Hawkes Bay Year 5&6
Hastings Y3&4 Div 2
Hastings Y3&4 Div 3
Hastings Y7&8 Div 2
Hastings Y7&8 Div 3
Mens A-League
Napier Y5&6 Div 1
Napier Y5&6 Div 2
Napier Y5&6 Div 3
Napier Y5&6 Div 4
Napier Y7&8 Div 2
Napier Y7&8 Div 3


Central Hawkes Bay Year 1&2
Central Hawkes Bay Year 3&4
Central Hawkes Bay Year 7&8
Term 3 Wairoa Year 1&2
Term 3 Wairoa Year 3&4
Term 3 Wairoa Year 5&6
Term 3 Wairoa Year 7&8

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