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The Association currently manages two information lists;

  • Around The Grounds; The information sent out will tell you about Draw Changes, Local Rule Changes, Gound Closures and general information about events or information about things happening Around The Grounds!
  • Closed: The information sent out will tell you about Gound Closures when either the Council close teh grounds or a round is washed or a ground/field/diamond needs to be closed making games not possible.

Subscriptions to theses lists are managed directly by the Association Administrator.

If you woudl like to be added (or removed) from an Information List please send a request to from the email to be added/removed outlining what list you woudl like to be added/removed to from.

The SSSA General Mailing lists.  

Below is a summary of all the Sutherland Shire Softball Association Email distribution lists. You cannot subscribe to these but are provided so you can communicate directly with the people responsible for the service you are after.

clubs@ : Contains all Associated Clubs : will send to all listed below





   convenor@ : will send to all listed below














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