Frequently asked questions

Q. Any chance of my child getting a photo with Kyrie at the camp?

A. Absolutely! We are providing a professional photographer, who will take a photo of each camper one on one with Kyrie. We will have the ability to print it straight out so that it can be taken home on the day. We are yet to confirm the price, but as soon as we do, we will post it. (this will be available to campers only).


Q. Can I bring a bunch of stuff to the camp to get signed by Kyrie?

A. Autographs will be limited to 1 per camper. As you can appreciate, if every camper brought in several items to be signed by Kyrie, Kyrie would end up spending the whole time signing autographs rather than coaching and inspiring you, so that you can 'get buckets'!


Q. Will there be Q and A with Kyrie?

A. Yes there will be group Q and A sessions with Kyrie during each camp, a key feature of this camp is your access to Kyrie and his story.


Q. Hello my son is 9 years old and had two years  of playing domestic and representative basketball. I would like To register him for this camp.  Please advise how I go about that.

A. Your son sounds perfect for the Rookie's camp. Click on the big blue 'Register now' button and follow the prompts. (Please note you cannot register from a mobile phone)


Q. My daughter is 8 years old and 7 months, is she able to attend Kyrie's Rookie Camp?

A. Absolutely. As long as your child is turning 9 within the next 10 months and has at least 1 season of basketball under their belt, they are welcome at the Rookie camp. The players will be grouped according to age and ability.


Q. Just wondered how much time they would get with Kyrie at the Emerging Stars Camp – and how many kids are there on the same day?

A. The Emerging Stars Camp has a maximum of 25 kids per court in a six court venue - so 150 kids maximum. There will be a ratio of 10.7 players per coach and Kyrie will be roaming all courts throughout the course of the day, spending time with each athlete. Kyrie will also be lecturing to the group about off-court behaviours required for on-court success.

A. The Rookies Camp has a maximum of 30 kids per court in a six court venue - so 180 maximum.


Q.Are there were still spots available for Kyrie’s Emerging Stars camp on Wednesday 3rd – Thursday 4th July, and also if both days were individual camps, or players attend both days of the camp?

A. There are still spots available in all 3 camps (as at 14/06/13)The Rookies Camp is Monday and Tuesday combined, the Emerging Stars Camp is the Wednesday and Thursday combined. Players attend both days in both instances. The All Stars camp is 1 2 hour session with only 30 players maximum on the Friday.


Q.  I registered my son for Kyrie's All-stars camp. There appears to be three sessions on the day, (9-11, 12-2, 2.30-4.30) but the registration process provides no way of choosing which session. Could you please advise on how we indicate our preferred session?

A. There is no option to choose a preferred time for the All Stars camp as we will be grouping players based on age and ability in order to maximize the experience for all players. 


Q. I have been sent the username and password below, but I'm not clear what this username and password is for. When/how/for what do we use this?

A. The username and password is for use if you have registered but not yet paid, this enables you to go back into the website and pay to secure your spot without having to go through the registration process again.
Q. Will Kyrie be available for any fan interactions such as signing autographs and posing for photos during the first pick hoops?
A. there will be time set aside during each of the 1st pick hoops camps for Q and A with Kyrie and photographs taken by our photographer, which can then be purchased. Both of these are available for campers only.
Q. I'm 25 and play basketball socially, I would really like a spot in the camp, can I do this?
A. you are welcome to book a spot in one of the Friday All Star camps, just keep in mind that as a social baller you may have to sit out some of the drills if you are not up to the level required. Having said that, the majority of the session will be individual skill based, so you will be able to participate in the bulk of the camp with no problem.
Q. Are we going to be allowed to bring our own camera to get a one on one photo with Kyrie?A. you cannot take your own photo's, we will have a professional photographer who will take a one on one photo of Kyrie with each player, which you will then be able to purchase on the spot.
Q. Will there be any kind of Kyrie Irving meet & greet open to those not doing the clinics?
A. There are no plans at this stage to provide an opportunity outside of the camps for fans to interact with Kyrie.
Q. I play U18s VJBL at a lower level. Would I be good enough for the All Stars Camp?
A. Absolutely!
Q. I have a 12 year old boy keen to do the camp who plays Under 14 Victorian Championships. He usually participates in Basketball Victoria camps over the school holidays and has the NITP selections that same week but given the cost I would like to ensure that he would get some value out of it and that we are not just paying a lot more just because of the name of the camp.
A. Make no mistake this is as legitimate a basketball camp as you are ever likely to see. The majority of our coaches are former NBL & WNBL players, the coach in charge of the curriculum is Simon Mitchell, Basketball Operations Manager at Frankston Blues (formerly of Knox Raiders). Simon is a highly respected coach, he was an NBL Championship Assistant Coach with the Melbourne Tigers (2008) as well as a two time winner of Coach of the Year in Big V Championship Men and Coach of the Year in SEABL Youth League Women.
There will be a head coach and assistant coach on each court, on top of this Simon Mitchell will be in charge of 3 courts, and Drederick Irving (Kyrie's Dad, former College and SEABL star, and Kyrie's coach until Junior High) will be in charge of the other 3 courts, on top of this Kyrie will be floating amongst all 6 courts for the entire duration of the camp, coaching. Furthermore, Kyrie will be lecturing on off court practices and behaviours that contribute to on court success.
To put the cost in perspective, a 2 day camp at St Kilda football club is $299, they do not have an International Superstar coaching at their camps, and they do not have to pay for the venue, airfares or accommodation. We have all of these added costs and our camp is $220, we kept prices low because we did not want to put it out of reach of the average young basketballer.