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KMNC Representative Programme
The centre forms representative teams in the under 14, under 16 and under 18 age groups to represent it at local and national representative tournaments. The pinnacle tournament is the NNZ under 18 national championships where representative teams from centres around the country compete. The programme develops and grow players through the age groups to prepare them for participation in the under 18 national championship. Although an alternate pathway to zone identification and its related performance pathway, the representative programme is more than just this. It is designed to develop and grow players for our local competitions, provide opportunities for players to compete with peers from outside our centre/region, provide opportunities to participate in more targeted training and development environments, to meet and interact with new and diverse people, to connect with our centre and community. Selection in a representative team is primarily through a trial process but participation in KMNC development programmes builds visibility of players and their abilities within the centre. Our representative teams are Kapi Mana Netball and such we expect selected participants to represent us with passion, pride and the values our centre holds true. Participants must demonstrate a high level of commitment and adherence to our values and the programme if they wish to remain a part of it.

Year 10 to 13 High Performance Development Programme
Entry to this programme is by invitation only and is intended for athletes that the KMNC has identified as having the potential to progress to zone identification level and its associated pathways to Beko and Pulse. It requires a high level of participant motivation and commitment. Players that enter this programme will require the ambition to move to the next level and will be expected to meet all performance targets set by the programme which will include specific training objectives and skill attainment. Participants in this programme will be expected to make themselves available for KMNC representative duties and fulfil all requirements of that programme. Participants in this programme that KMNC believe meet the required objectives and targets will be submitted to the zone for consideration. Participants that don’t meet the required objectives and targets will be released from the programme but may be eligible for re-entry at a later date and remain eligible at all times to try out for the talent development or representative programmes, particularly given the different objectives of these programmes.

Year 10 to 13 Talent Development Programme
This programme has been developed to improve the skill level and fitness level of participants and is timed to be prior to most club and school trials. The programme also provides the centre increased visibility of players prior to representative trials. The purpose of this programme is to improve the quality of our players and by extension our competitions, to help identify players that may be suitable for inclusion in the KMNC high performance programme, and to prepare players for representative trials by setting the expected skill, fitness and commitment levels required of this programme. Note that inclusion in the talent development programme does not guarantee placement in any future programme (Talent development, High performance, or Representative programmes), nor does it exclude anyone from participation in any of these programmes.

Regional Under 14 Player Development Programme
This is a new programme (first run in 2020) for our region and is open to all eligible players. No trials are held and all comers are placed into teams. It is a standalone development opportunity and although not on any official development pathway, or adhering to any NNZ prescribed syllabus, it aims to provide a skill development opportunity for all players followed by one or more tournaments with other local participating centres. A series of training sessions are held with all local teams focusing on skill development. At the conclusion of the skills development phase, teams play in local tournaments with teams from other local centres. Due to potential numbers of this programme, community involvement is essential for it to run.

Year 7 & 8 Player Development Programme (PDP)
This programme was developed by Netball NZ to replace the representative programme previously offered for this age group and is open to all entrants. The PDP helps players develop and extend their technical, tactical and athlete development skills. KMNC delivers this programme to the NNZ syllabus ensuring that participants receive the same training as all other players across the country in this age group.


2022 Prem 1 R2
1 Misfits 1 14
2 KBJ 1 13
3 Te Tai Timu 1 13
4 Bluebirds 12
5 Norths 1 5
6 Aotea College Senior A1 4