Tournament Regulations

The authoritative interpretation of matters concerning timing, uniforms, eligibility, fixtures and other general Tournament regulations shall be given by the relevant Tournament Office.


Singlet Priority/Colour Clash

Teams are requested to provide an alternative set of singlets where the fixture indicates hat there will be a colour clash. Please check the list of participating clubs and their playing colours. Priority will be given to Overseas, Interstate and Country teams when they play Melbourne metropolitan teams. Priority between metropolitan teams will be decided by the toss of a coin.

Eltham and Dandenong teams will change for all other teams.


Child Safety Standards

All tournament participants are required to abide by Basketball Victoria’s “Child Safe Standards” document. All coaches and any other person in authority who has unsupervised contact with a minor must hold a current WWC card or have applied for one and may be required by organisers to provide evidence of the same.


Rescheduled Games
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to reschedule games in the case of extraordinary circumstances. A minimum of three hours notice will be given before start of rescheduled game time.Tournament organisers will seek to issue fixtures in time for participants to plan , but a few late changes may sometimes be required. Consequently teams are required to check game times five hours before the first game or at 9pm in the evening before morning games. Tournament organisers will contact teams if changes occur after this time frame.


Abandoned Game Rule

The decision to abandon any game due to unforeseen circumstances will be made by the Tournament Director in consultation with the affected Venue Supervisor.

All teams should note that only tournament officials may declare a game abandoned due to venue conditions, as opposed to a delay in the conduct of the game. If referee seeks to abandon a game due to venue conditions the decision should be disregarded unless confirmed by a tournament official.

A team leaving before an official decision is made by the tournament director may give a walkover.

Where games are abandoned or not played due to no fault of one of the participating teams, the following will occur:

If the game has not commenced: an attempt will be made to re schedule the game if organizers can find a suitable time and venue. Teams will be expected to make themselves available during normal Tournament times, apart from any notified times of unavailability given as original fixture requests. If no suitable time can be found the teams concerned will have their positions assessed on match ratio principles on other games.

If the second half of the game has commenced and one team is twenty (20) or more points ahead of the other team, the scores at the time of cessation of the game will count as the final score.

If there is less than FIVE (5) minutes remaining on the game clock in the 2nd half at the time of cessation of the game & one team is either FOUR (4) times or more the score of the other team & a minimum of SIX (6) points ahead, or has a lead of SIXTEEN (16) points or more then the game score at that time will count as the final score.


U10 and Domestic Competition – Rule Specifics

-U10 and U12 Domestic In any game where the score shows a difference of 15 points or more, 4 players from the leading team must be behind the three point line. Once the ball has passed across the three point line, the defensive players are allowed to occupy any position on the court.

-If the team which is 15 points or more in arrears loses possession of the ball for any reason at all before it has reached the three point line, and there are more than two (2) defensive players in advance of the three point line, then the ball is returned to the offensive team

-Where a grade is labelled as a domestic grade, no player who has been a regular member of a championship (representative) team in the most recent Grading Phase One may play in that grade. Penalty –forfeit of any game won by a team including such a player. Being a regular member is defined as either being on nominated team list or having played two or more games in that grading phase. Exemption may be granted at the discretion of the Committee


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