The BMBA is committed to providing a positive atmosphere for all participants within our competitions.
The BMBA recognises the importance of complaints being resolved quickly and sensitively, and confidentially where possible. All complaints must be lodged via the associated Club President where applicable and possible. The Complaints Procedure is then required to be followed (below).

Complaint Resolution Procedure


Where a report is made at a game, these matters will be referred to the Tribunal to be resolved in accordance with the Association By Laws. All other circumstances will be referred to the BMBA Committee to be resolved using the following procedure for review and resolution. The review may be conducted in any manner the BMBA Committee views as appropriate. If you are involved in a complaint, either as the person complaining, as a witness or as the person in question, and you do not co-operate or you hinder the process, you may be reported to the BMBA Committee and banned or suspended for up to 20 weeks.

How To Make A Complaint

Any member of the Association can make a complaint and must provide their complaint in writing using the General Complaint form available on the BMBA website. All complaint forms are to be submitted via email to

The BMBA Secretary will advise the person making the complaint that their complaint has been received within 48 business hours and will be forwarded through to the appropriate BMBA Supervisor for review within two weeks of receipt. Depending on the nature of the complaint, it will be directed as follows:

             Complaints involving referees will be forwarded to the Referee Supervisor

             Complaints involving participants / spectators of competitions will be forwarded to the

             Competition Supervisor

             Complaints involving venue facilities will be forward to the Venue Supervisor

The BMBA Committee The BMBA Committee is made up of various representatives from the Association Clubs and independent persons that generally meet monthly. Where there is an identified conflict or the complaint is in relation to a BMBA Committee Member, the relevant Committee Member will excuse themselves from the decision making process. The BMBA Committee has the right to impose bans or suspensions. Any ban or suspension imposed is applicable to all games and stadiums associated to activities performed in conjunction with the BMBA Association.


The person making the complaint will complete the appropriate General Complaints form available on the BMBA website and email it to

The BMBA will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 48 business hours and forward through to the appropriate Supervisor to be reviewed within two weeks of receipt and resolved within one month of receipt (unless extenuating circumstances arise). The complaint may be resolved either by the appropriate Supervisor or it may be referred to the BMBA Committee to make a final determination. In addition, the Secretary will copy in the appropriate Club Presidents from where the complaint has either arisen from or is in relation to. Should the complaint involve the appropriate Club President, then theywill not be copied in for that complaint. In the cases where it is appropriate to impose either a ban or suspension, these matters must be referred to the BMBA Committee for a determination at the next available Committee meeting. The relevant Supervisor will make contact with the person making the complaint to ensure a full understanding of their concerns and available information. The Supervisor will then advise the personwhom the complaint is against and provide them with an explanation of the complaint and an opportunity to provide a response. Where there are witnesses to a situation that is the subject of the complaint, these witnesses may be spoken to in order to ascertain their version of events. It is not essential in all cases tospeak with all witnesses who may have been involved. If the Supervisor is able to make a determination, they will do so and advise in writing both the person making the complaint and the person who is the subject of the complaint that the matter has beenfinalised. The person making the complaint has the right to know that the matter has been resolved, however is not entitled to know the penalty, if any, that may have been issued. If the Supervisor is unable to make a determination, the matter will be referred to the next available BMBA Committee meeting for discussion and resolution. Matters where the Supervisor believes that an appropriate penalty is to issue a ban or suspension, must be referred to the BMBA Committee. Once the BMBA Committee has determined a resolution, the Supervisor will advise in writing both the person making the complaint and the person who is the subject of the complaint that the matter has beenfinalised.


Either the Supervisor or the BMBA Committee will determine suitable penalties in the instances where breaches have been identified, injury has been caused or damage to stadium property has occurred. Penalties may range from a verbal/written apology to the maximum penalty of 20 week suspension or ban from stadiums.

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