Online Registration

You will not be able to register unless you have been sent a team code

This will be sent to you by your club. If you are a new player and have not yet joined a club, please contact who will direct you to a club that has an available spot.

The register now button can be found on the right hand side of this page, or if you are on a phone, scroll to the bottom.

In line with Basketball Victoria Country policy, all Associations are now required to commence Online Registrations.  In addition to this, the Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association will offer Online Payments too.

Who needs to register?:  All players, Senior and Junior are required to self-register online for every season and with every Association they wish to play in.  It is easy and quick to do, just click on the Online Registration icon and follow the prompts.  All players must Register and Pay before stepping onto the court.

For ease in future years and to save a mountain of background work for our Committee, please remember your Username and Password as they are sent to you for use in the future.

What if I dont belong to a Club?:  If you do not belong to a Club, please use the General Club in the drop down box when registering.

What are the costs?:  The fees for the Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association season have been set by the Committee and are as follows:

Basketball Victoria Country Affiliation fee - $40.58 (Once a year fee for the April 2019 - March 2020 seasons).
Association Administration Fee (Seniors and Juniors)  $30.00
There is an Administration Fee included in both these payments to Fox Sports Pulse.

Online Payments?:  Online Payments are now compulsory and will include both the Basketball Victoria Country Affiliation fee (BVCA) and the Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association fees.  Please note that Club Fees will still be required to be paid to your Club in their preferred manner.

Please have your Credit/Debit Card ready when registering online, to pay these affiliation fees.

When does my registration expire?:  All players in the Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association are registered until the 31st of March 2019, regardless of the date they register.

Important note - What if I am registered at another BVC Association?:  If you have already registered and paid your Basketball Victoria Country Affiliation fee (BVCA) at another BVC Association, you are still required to register at every Association at which you compete in.

Whilst you will not be required to pay another BVCA fee, you will be required to pay the Association fee that is set by the Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association.

Please contact the Association administrator acknowledging the need for a Secondary Registration.  A form will be sent to you via email to complete.  Please note that proof of registration at another Association will be required by this Association.

It also needs to be noted that your Secondary Registration expires at the same time that the Primary Registration does (this may be a different date to this Association's expiry date).

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