Lions Teams 2020






Firstly, thanks to all the players who participated in the Lions squad tryouts and put their names up for selection. We appreciate the effort you put into the sessions. Some tough decisions had to be made by coaches selecting teams, but ultimately the squad program is about selecting the best available players to represent the Lions in the VJBL.

Congratulations to those who were successful. We hope you enjoy the 2020 VJBL season and represent the association with determination and pride. We will assume all players selected will be playing this season. If this is not the case, please email Dave at immediately.

Lions teams 2020

U12 Boys
Oliver Cape
Patrick Grey
Lewis McDaid
Lincoln Giles
Tyler Crane
Riley Dilges
Jet Grech
Tyler Gillespie
Cooper Davies
Aidan Weaver

U12 Girls
Taylah Chamberlain
Taya Knight
Evie Johnson
Charli Parsons-Jones
Lily Fisher
Grace McGrath
Ellie Wallace
Mahli Stevens
Biannkah Borg

U14 Boys
Chaz Jones
Thomas Huybens
Ayden Champness
Rohan Champness
William Richards
Zachary Dalli
Riley Pritchard
Cooper Wallace
James McDaid

U14 Girls
Jessica Fisher
Charlie McKinnon
Kaitlin Nash
Keira Williams
Rhianna Davis
Miah Bradbury
Jazmine Dalli
Lara Johnson

U16 Boys
Kade Champness
Kobe Shirra-Gibb
Joel Robinson
Bailey Wilson
James Grey
Harrison Cribbes
Jett Walker-Collins
Jack Watson
Lachlan Pritchard

U16 Girls
Bryia McKinnon
Ella Bradbury
Olivia Cowan
Kiana Pilbeam
Tameeka Lewis
Soraya Stevens
Alana Cooper
Matilda Worboyes

U18 Boys
Jai Gilcrist
Zane Kawana
Jack Wilson
Joshua Taylor
Ashton Moon
Bailey Moon
Jared Nickolaus
Finn Hehir-Askew

U21 boys
Tysen Michailides
Jordan Doyle
Callan Carpenter
Ayden McAlister
Cooper McIntosh
Mark Samuels
Jack Doley
Jack Bidwell







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