All players are required to request a clearance if transferring form one club to another. This is also the case for Senior Players going from a club based team, to an independant team. 

The process for clearances is as follows....

You must have approached your club before requesting a clearance.

You must address all of your concerns with your club/coach/team manager and give them an appropriate amount of time to fix the issues. If no resolve is possible, you may then request a clearance. Although all clubs are different, the BMBA suggests sending an email to the club highliting your concerns, this way any denial or refusal of a clearance can be disputed. 

Once you are sure that you want to request a clearance, you can then approach a new club and ask if they would have an available spot for you/yourchild. They will handle the clearance process from that point on, as it is an online process.


Senior Players are to approach the Venue Supervisor, who will give you a paper clearance form, that will be proccessed by the BMBA. Or you can downlaod and print the form here.


Please remember that all Clubs/Teams have the right to deny a clearance if they feel that you have not followed the requirements outlined within Point 14. of the BMBA By-Laws



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