Become a Referee

Level 0 Referee/Green Shirt

Expressions of interest will remain open continuously for Level 0 Referee/Green Shirt courses. 

BMBA will conduct courses when required with a minimum of one course a year. 

There will no longer be any advertised courses, only those who have registered interest through the website will be contacted when a course is being planned. 

Register your interest here


For more information on the Green Shirt Program can be found here


Already a referee?

If you're already a graded referee please contact the referee supervisor on duty during our competition times or email the referee coordinator at 

BMBA will perform background checks prior to offering games which includes confirming your level and any tribunal or other restrictions that may be in force. 


Referee Pathway

The below image outlines the referee pathway, BMBA is committed to providing referees the opportunity to develop and gain experience outside of the BMBA. 

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