Training & Development

There's a big emphasis on the continual training and development of referees. Referees, like players, should train regularly and maintain a strong knowledge of the rules and mechanics. This page outlines the programs and opportunities that are available to BMBA referees. 


Online training

The Australian Sports Commission has developed an online course for beginner officials. The Introductory Officiating General Principles Course has been developed to assist new officials improve their basic officiating skills.

It's able to be completed in your own time and all referees must complete it. 

More details here.


BMBA have implemented online training courses and quizzes for referees to complete to ensure that referees maintain up-to-date with the latest in Basketball rules and interpretations.

Referees will require a profile to access the courses and quizzes.

The online training can be found here.


Regular evaluations

Referees will receive evaluations throughout the year by a qualified referee coach, while referees may receive feedback from other referees and supervisors, evaluations are a formal review of the referees performance. 

They're designed to assist the referee in their development providing guidance on areas for improvement and outlining positives. Evaluations provide referees with the opportunity to improve and progress their referee career. 

Evaluations will include verbal feedback, video reviews and written feedback utilising the evaluation capability within Referee Manager


BVC events and tournaments

BVC conduct a range of events and tournaments throughout the year that allow for referees around the state to referee higher level games, gain useful evaluations, expand referee networks and participate in developmental programs. Referees can officiate many games over the weekend allowing for greater opportunity to develop over a shorter period. 

Referees may be paid for some events and tournaments at a higher rate than their domestic rate however it's not dependant on your grade. BMBA will support referees in attending these events where possible. 

If you're interested in attending BVC events and tournaments you must receive permission by BMBA before expressing interest to BVC as you will be representing BMBA.

You can express interest by completing the form at the bottom of this page and forward it to

To participate in BVC events and tournaments, you must be registered and financial with BVC. 


Other useful links

BVC Referee Resources 

This contains a number of useful resources for referee development.



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