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Welcome to the Victorian Baptist Basketball Association Senior Domestic Competition.  Registrations for the upcoming Winter 2016 Season is now OPEN.

The new season will commence on Monday 4th April 2016.

VBBA Senior Domestic Competition boast the largest churches competitions in the state.  We play on Monday night's with a broad selection of grades to cater for teams of all abilities.

Our competition are played at The Rings (Maroondah Indoor Sports Centre) in Ringwood.  The stadium has 4 competitive courts, that are all fully utilised during competition times.

If you would like further information relating to our Senior Domestic Competition, please contact Kevin Truong at:

Pricing Details

Pricing for VBBA Senior Domestic Competition - Winter 2016 Season are outlined below:

Team Registrations - $180.00

Game Fee - $61.50

Entry Fee - No Entry Fee (Monday Nights)

Winter 2016 Season

Registrations & Grading
Registration Forms can be downloaded here - CLICK HERE

Registration Fee's to be paid via Register Now

Please read the registration information carefully as incomplete and late entries will incur administration fees on top of the registration fees.

Grading games will be from Round 1 - 6, after Round 6 the Executive Committee will review the grades and performances of each team and re-grade teams accordingly.  All wins, loses, draws and premiership points will roll over to the new grade for those teams re-graded.

Mens Grading (A Grade / A Reserve)
We will review and reassess all grading after round 6 as per usual and make any changes if required.
For Mens A, the finals structure will as be as follows:
Mens A Final (1st - 4th)
Mens A Reserve Final (5th - 8th)

Registering New Players
Any player not on the original team registration for MUST complete a new player registration form by either filling in a form available at the stadium or download the form below.
Any team that has an unregistered player will incur a loss of premiership points for that game until such time the player is registered. (The executive committee reserve the rights to reinstate premiership points after this time)

In the event of a colour clash between two teams on any given night, the team that has been in the competition the shortest is required to provide alternate uniforms.  There is a set available from the canteen at a cost of $5 per night.  The list detailing teams in their order of longevity is available in due course (confirming team colours still), but please inform us if you change colours so we can keep the list up to date.

FIBA Basketball Rule Changes
As of 1st October, FIBA has introduced or change some of their official rules.  VBBA will adopting these new rules from this date - the changes have no major effect on our competition except for the following:

  • If a player is blocked while taking a shot and comes back down with the ball - currently the rule states a travel violation must be called.  The new rule is now to be called a jump ball (Possession)
  • A Technical Foul is now worth 1 free throw and side ball possesion - not 2 free throws
  • Any player who receives 2 Technical Fouls will be disqualified from the game immediately


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