Senior Summer Soccer 2023



 Team Nominations Open


Team Nominations Close 15th September 2023



Player Registrations Open

Player Registrations Close 13th October 2023



Teams are organised by a player or coach or team manager


Minimum age 16 years old 


Minimum of 10 players per team


Maximum of 12 players per team


Players can only play for one team


 Registration fees - $50 for 16-18 year olds and $75 for 19 and over

 (When registering 16-18 year olds are classed as a junior player)


Any request for game times to be entered on the team nomination sheet under the comment section



In the Mixed competition teams must have 3 females on the field at all times

Minimum of 10 players and maximum of 12 players per team.


ALL players are required to wear shorts, tights can be worn underneath shorts

ALL players are required to wear shinpads and long socks

ALL players are required to remove ALL jewllery (jewellery can NOT be taped)

ALL players that wear glasses are required to have a letter from an optometrist stating that the glasses they are wearing are safe to play sport in



Draw Apps
Google play Apple Itunes


Seniors Commence 28th September 2023



Players Register Here!


Register Teams Here


 Teams Looking for Players

Registration Guides
Player Registration Guide Team Registration Guide
Team Registration 2019.pdf

 Summer Soccer Rule Book





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