Mission statement

AFL Quebec’s mission is to provide all individuals the opportunity to learn and play Australian Football in a positive and welcoming environment.

Our bylaws can be found here: AFL Quebec bylaws 2019

Never heard of Australian Football or the AFL?

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMZYZcoAcU0

If you want to know what our Quebec league looks like, go to our Facebook page and check out the photos: www.facebook.com/AFL.Quebec


Who can play Australian Football in Quebec?

Everyone who is ready to learn new skills, get an intense workout, and will consider joining a team is welcome to join our league!  Check out our calendar and come to one of our trainings to check out this amazing sport.


Are you an experienced AFL player, interested in sharing your love for this game as a coach or an umpire?

If you have experience with Australian Football but are unable to play, you might be interested in helping to coach our developing players or joining our team of umpires!


Inquiries can be directed to info@aflquebec.ca




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AFL Quebec 2021 Men's League