Sports Excellence Program

The aim of the Sports Excellence Program is “To extend sports development pathways from grass roots to elite, by identifying talent and promoting and supporting development of excellence in sports coaching, sports science, sports officiating and sports administration.”

The program takes sport development from where PNG Sports Foundation’s grass roots programs finish, teaching more advanced sports coaching, sports science, sports officiating, and sports administration skills. 

The program is delivered from the National Sports Institute, by PNGSF Sports Excellence Officers working closely with counterparts from National Federations for different sports codes.

Sports Excellence is about identifying talent and striving for excellence in every detail: it is about pushing the boundaries of knowledge, skills, speed, power, endurance, and commitment to achieve the better and better performances each time.

In 2011, the Sports Excellence Program is scheduled to deliver advance training to 200 athletes, coaches, and administrators, thereby supporting 600 potential talents for the future.