Ability Sports Program

The aim of the Sport Ability Program is “To provide people with disabilities the opportunity to participate and strive for excellence in sporting activities on equal footing with able-bodied persons to give them the courage and confidence to be equal partners in nation building.”

The program teaches basic sports coaching, officiating, and sports administration skills to people with a disability, those who care for them, and community volunteers. The approach is focused on empowering people with a disability, encouraging them to participate in sport and supporting them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The program is also about inclusiveness, finding ways through fun sports-based games for people with a disability to be included and play together with the rest of the community.

The program is delivered to in grass-roots communities around PNG, by PNGSF Regional Sports Development Officers working closely with Provincial and District Administration colleagues and other stakeholders including the Paralympic Committee, Callan Services and other stakeholders, and supported by the PNGSF Sport Ability National Program Manager.